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Lauren Boebert’s ex-campaign manager literally cries over ‘stolen’ election and the Internet just can’t

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert‘s former campaign manager Sherronna Bishop is very concerned about the children… and election integrity… and the questionable intersection of the two.

Bishop appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast with Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, the noted election denier, and got so emotional about the topic that she broke down in tears.

Peters and Bishop’s homes were both previously raided by the FBI as part of an election fraud case, and Peters has repeatedly echoed Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 presidential election and claimed she, too, was illegally robbed in her own bid for Colorado’s GOP secretary of state nomination.

Given the company Bishop keeps, it won’t come as a huge shock that she’s also accused schools of “queer-orizing” preschool and kindergarten, mocked trans people, and compared a kid’s drag show to the sexualization of children.

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In an emotional (and incoherent) statement, Bishop explained that she formed an organization called America’s Mom because she’s lost her faith in elected officials.

“Our children were under attack,” she said without going into any detail. “That’s how America’s Mom was born and naturally from there that’s elections.”


Bishop fought back tears as she exclaimed, “Election matter!”

She continued: “Sorry. These people who have no backbone, no courage, who are easily manipulated and will not talk about what matters to ‘we the people.’ They’ve used their offices now to go after our kids.”

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Now she’s fighting for a recount in Peters’ election defeat, which is apparently also about the children.

“She is symbiotic of what has happened in our entire nation,” she remarked. “And they are going after our children. We’re not having it.”

We’re not sure symbiotic was exactly the right word choice, but it sure is symbolic of her overall grasp on reality.


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