Lauren Boebert’s gay rival just put out a shocking campaign ad… and wow!

Alex Walker in his campaign advert
Alex Walker in his campaign advert (Photo: YouTube)

A Democratic would-be lawmaker has just put out his first campaign advert. It’s quickly gone viral.

Alex Walker, who is gay, has announced that he hopes to unseat Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado’s 3rd District. He’s one of around ten potential Democratic contenders.

Yesterday, he released his first campaign video. It succinctly paints Boebert’s representation of the district as a shitshow. Literally.

In the clip, Coloradans are bombarded with a shower of poo from the sky.

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“We are real Coloradans,” says Walker in the advert. “We deserve a living wage, small government that actually works and freedom of choice. Instead, we have bullshit.”

He then asks: “Don’t you ever wonder where it’s all coming from?”

At this point, the video cuts to a red-tinted Boebert nameplate on a desk. A Boebert lookalike is then shown hosing poop around her office.

“Colorado needs a bull, not a bullshitter. I’m Alex Walker, and I approve the shit out of this message.”

Walker holds up a poop-splattered teddy bear
Walker holds up a poop-splattered teddy bear (Photo: YouTube)

On his campaign website, Walker describes himself as a “Colorado native, engineer, writer & small business owner.”

“I’m a gay moderate who believes in small government, personal freedom & human rights. Groundbreaking,” he writes, followed by a rolling-eyes emoji.

“If you’ve over bottom-feeding racist morons like Lauren Boebert: welcome.”

He goes on to say he was partly inspired to run by the suicide of his brother.

“Part of why I’m running is to honor my brother and everyone left behind by elected officials who don’t do their jobs.

“’I’m 100 percent committed to stopping Boebert from continuing her endless cycle of attacking people because of who they are or what they look like.”

On his Twitter bio, he describes himself as, “🏳️‍🌈 smart, hot, humble, running for Congress against Lauren Boebert, obviously.”

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The ad, unsurprisingly, has divided opinion.

What do you make of the advert? Let us know below.