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Law Students Stand up for Gays, Walk out on Anti-Gay Graduation Speaker


Some college graduates in Michigan walked a little bit early — rather than walking across the stage, they stood up and walked out of their own graduation ceremony. Bye!

Why’d they do it? In protest of their graduation speaker, Senator Rob Portman. He’s about as odious as you’d expect an anti-gay politician to be: he’s all about the sanctity of marriage but only for straight people, voted for DOMA and a federal Constitutional marriage ban, and wanted to ban gay couples from adopting.

He’s a rabidly anti-gay politician and he’s married to a woman, so, you know.

Despite uproar from the student body, the University of Michigan refused to disinvite the monster. And so, when he got up to speak, about a hundred students got up and left, caps and gowns and all.

Meanwhile, Michican Law Dean Evan Caminker may (or may not) re-evaluate the process for selecting speakers for next year’s graduation. Here’s a tip: if the guy thinks he has a right to pry into your students’ sex lives and labels them unfit to be parents, maybe you ought to rethink the invite.