Lawmaker Who Sexted Catholic School Boy Took Lie Detector Test To Prove Heterosexuality To Family


Fresh off the heels of his totally awkward interview about that time he sexted with a 17-year-old Catholic school boy, Republican Mike Yenni has found himself at the center of yet another lurid scandal. This time it involves even more sexts, more men, an alleged extortion plot, a retired hypnotist, and a lie detector test.

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The scandal dates back to 2010, when Yenni was the victim of an alleged extortion plot during his campaign to be mayor of Kenner, Louisiana.

At the time, Yenni was in his early 30s and working as the city’s administrative officer. During his mayoral campaign, his opponent, Louis Congemi, got his hands on some pretty racy texts the young politician had sent to not one, not two, no three, but eight different men (and one woman) using a taxpayer funded BlackBerry.

Congemi allegedly threatened to leak the texts to the press if Yenni didn’t immediately drop out of the race. That’s when the FBI swooped in. Yenni stayed in the race and ultimately won the election.

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Now, WWL-TV in New Orleans has confirmed with three of the eight men who Yenni sexted that the messages were, indeed, authentic. Not only that, but the station has also confirmed that Yenni took a lie-detector test to convince his then-girlfriend-now-wife Michelle and her family that he was faithful and, presumably, heterosexual, as well. Apparently she wanted confirmation before tying the knot.

Oh, but it gets even weirder. Because in addition to all that, certified polygraphist Ronnie Lauland has told WWL-TV that he personally administered the voice-stress analysis test to Yenni six years ago. At the time, Lauland was a 78-year-old retired hypnotherapist and former NOPD police officer. Interestingly, after Yenni was elected mayor, Lauland scored a job working as a code inspector for the city.

Lauland insists he got the job after responding to a post on Craigslist, and that there wasn’t any sort of quid pro quo thing involved. But some people beg to differ. At least one source says Yenni instructed the city’s personnel office to hire Lauland and that he signed the man’s official notice of employment.

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Per usual, Yenni is remaining pretty tight-lipped about everything. When WWL-TV chased him down for an interview outside his office, he ran for the safety of an elevator and said he had “already talked to a reporter.” Watch the awkward encounter HERE.