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Lawyer Accidentally Kills Teen Boyfriend, Receives No Jail Time And Fawning CNN Profile

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Lawyer Henry Hendron won’t serve any jail time after supplying his teen boyfriend with the drugs that killed him, but of course, he’s the real victim here.

At least, that’s exactly what you’d be primed to think after reading CNN’s awful, shameful, infuriating story about the fateful night 35-year-old Hendron’s 18-year-old Colombian boyfriend Miguel Jiminez died after mixing GHB with alcohol:

“I woke up and turned him over,” remembers Hendron of that winter’s morning in January last year. “Mouth frozen, blood there, clearly dead.”
In desperation, he performed CPR on his boyfriend until the ambulance arrived — “It must have been four or five minutes I was doing it, it felt like a lifetime.”
“At one point blood starts to trickle out of his mouth, and I’m thinking ‘he must be alive.’ But he’s not. I’ve broken his ribs or something, and moving that blood around.”
When the police arrived, Hendron’s nightmare only worsened.

Yes, Hendron’s nightmare worsened after Jiminez died.

Hendron and Jimenez had been dating for about a year, and Hendron estimates he spent about $1,400 per weekend on various drugs during “PnP” or “chemsex” sessions.

But, you know, it’s OK because he has a very posh upbringing:

Growing up in a well-to-do area of west London, Hendron’s dentist father died when the twins were babies. Today Hendron speaks with the cut-glass English accent of a privileged upbringing.
When Hendron talks of the heartache of Jimenez’s death, and the deeply personal details of his sex life, it is matter-of-factly. In a manner befitting a barrister.

…cut-glass English accent of a privileged upbringing. A manner befitting a barrister. CNN, we have a problem.

This writer has to be an intern, because we just can’t believe that CNN would pay someone to produce a single-sourced puff-piece “story” that makes the man responsible for his boyfriend’s death a noble victim of his privileged upbringing.

By the way, Hendron was sentenced to 140 hours of pro-bono work at London’s Central Criminal Court.

So, if you’re paying attention: the victim wasn’t the teenage working-class Colombian man who lost his life, it was the wealthy and privileged Englishman from a “privileged” upbringing who was just utterly destroyed by the entire situation.

And CNN, we’re happy that you’re covering LGBT issues, but you’re going to have to do better than this.

lot better.