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  • tavdy79

    For once the lack of body-hair is forgiven. Woof!

  • Jack

    Someone needs their blur tool-using hand lopping off…

  • Alexander

    Is he 21-old guy??? All this amounts of muscles make him look like 30sh year old man..

  • Andrew

    No, they don’t.

  • jim

    and a refreshing lack of tattoos! lol

    seriously, what a naturally handsome-looking guy. he could be a total dick as a person, but even in the photos where you know the direction given was “ATTITUDE!” he looks like a completely nice guy. great choice!

  • dvlaries

    He’s hot looking, the trouble is the lack of imagination behind the camera. Nearly a third of those here are essentially the same pose: Kieran hooking a thumb into the waistband of the briefs, as if suggesting he’s going to pull them off and give us more. Once or twice is an amusing tease; six or more times says somebody’s out of ideas.

  • mention

    every bottoms dream

  • Virilene

    20 shots of a hot boy in drawers. Boring.

  • atdleft

    Hot guy, but dull pics. Couldn’t the photographer have thought of more poses?

  • Suburban

    He’s cute and pretty nice body. I think the pics get better after 2, very nice eyes too. I just don’t feel like clicking thru all of them.

  • AJ

    Very nice.

  • atdleft

    @Suburban: Oh yes, Kieran is a cutie! Unless he was the one requesting doing the same pose on all these pics, it’s not his fault. It just sucks that the photog wasted this hot hunk on a dozen shots that almost look the same. It’s poor artistic direction on Simon Le’s part.

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