Lazy Phelps Clan Skips Whitney Houston Funeral, Photoshops Themselves Into Pictures Instead

We guess Fred Phelps and his ca-ca-crazy brood missed their connecting flight or maybe the weather in New Jersey was too nasty, because it appears, contrary to their intended claims, the Westboro Baptist Church did not picket Whitney Houston’s funeral this weekend.

Although if you follow Marge Phelps’ Twitter feed (and don’t we all) you might think they did.

Of course no one at the funeral recalls seeing the nutso clan and, eventually, images surfaced that revealed Phelps just Photoshopped picket signs into existing photos to look like they were at the New Hope Baptist Church on Saturday.


Wow, that’s some Ten Commandments shit right there—bearing false witness, graven images, etc. Something tells us it’s gonna rain frogs and locusts at the Westboro compound.


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  • B

    We can only hope they will do more picketing by photoshop, just to spare
    people from having to put up with their presence.

    One point of order, though: their fake photo is not “bearing false witness,” which biblically referred to making a false accusation against someone else – the full phrase is “bearing false witness against thy neighbor.”

  • Carrie Prejean

    It’s not a graven image, either.

  • KyleW

    Hmmm, seems they’re quite happy to picket the funeral of some poorr gay kid who died defending his country, but they shit themselves at the moral backlash that would ensue if they picketed the funeral of the nation’s favourite self-destructive coke addict.

    I suspect that the living crap would have been kicked out of them if they’d tried. Shame they didn’t.

  • Keith

    Kyle W I could have not said it better. We all know they were not going to Newark.

  • GayGOP

    @KyleW: Yeah, it’s like the time they threatened to picket a funeral in Central Pennsylvania. The Sheriff made a comment about there being a lot of gun owners in the county, and they never showed up. Cowards.

  • shannon


  • Geoff B

    These assholes wouldn’t know God if he sat on their faces.

  • Kylew

    @Geoff B: That’s soooo true. I’m a passionate atheist, but even if I wasn’t, it’s impossible to equate the rantings of these lunatics with anything he would have wanted, if he had existed. Which he doesn’t.
    It shows the terrifying power of indoctrination, and to be honest it gives me respect for the few who have actually found the strength to leave that heinous clan.

  • Kylew

    @GayGOP: Yeah, in a country with so many guns, I am absolutely staggered that they have not been shot, especially when they are so very confrontational

  • Queer Supremacist

    Maybe once they heard Donnie McClurkin was going to be there they assumed their POV was covered.

  • 13Zeroither

    Has anybody ever been physical violent with these people to the point of where it got deadly? If so, that may explain all the police that come by when the coo coo clan is in the neighborhood. But seriously, has anyone?

  • KyleW

    @13Zeroither: I very much hope so!

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