Lazy Phelps Clan Skips Whitney Houston Funeral, Photoshops Themselves Into Pictures Instead

We guess Fred Phelps and his ca-ca-crazy brood missed their connecting flight or maybe the weather in New Jersey was too nasty, because it appears, contrary to their intended claims, the Westboro Baptist Church did not picket Whitney Houston’s funeral this weekend.

Although if you follow Marge Phelps’ Twitter feed (and don’t we all) you might think they did.

Of course no one at the funeral recalls seeing the nutso clan and, eventually, images surfaced that revealed Phelps just Photoshopped picket signs into existing photos to look like they were at the New Hope Baptist Church on Saturday.


Wow, that’s some Ten Commandments shit right there—bearing false witness, graven images, etc. Something tells us it’s gonna rain frogs and locusts at the Westboro compound.