LDS Church Corrects HRC: Sorry, But We Still Think Gays Are Absolutely Disgusting


Just because the Mormon Church edited its LDS Church Handbook of Instructions to rearrange the way it attacks gays doesn’t mean you should start thinking the religious group holds any less fundamentalists views about homosexuality.

Responding to a Human Rights Campaign statement that “recognized that the Mormon Church removed same-sex attraction as a sin in church policy,” LDS responds: Oh hell no.

“The HRC’s representations of the changes in the new handbook are simply absurd,” says LDS spokesman Scott Trotter.

Even we thought the Mormons’ new rule book eased up on the gay bashing. While the book, updated from its 2006 version, still claims “homosexual behavior violates the commandments of God,” it removed language that said gays should repent for their “homosexual thoughts or feelings.”

An over-generous interpretation of the new copy? Perhaps. For example, while calls for gays to enter therapy was removed from one section, it was added to another. And the guide book still compares homosexuality to murder and rape. Oh, and trans men and women are still viewed as morally bankrupt. So sorry for getting your hopes up about LDS taking a liking to you abhorrent creatures!

Here’s HRC’s Fred Sainz on the supposed developments:

[Fox 13; photo: LDS president Thomas Monson with his councilor Dieter Uchtdorf]

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