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LDS Church Not Impressed With Gay Mormons’ Handcart Stunt


THE SHOT — The Foundation for Reconciliation, a group geared toward reconciling Mormon beliefs with homosexuality, yesterday pulled a handcart through Salt Lake City to deliver 2,000 petitions to the LDS Church, demanding they stop hating on the ‘mos. “The trek drew its inspiration from the famed efforts of LDS Church leaders to rescue members of the Martin and Willie handcart companies, who struggled to reach Utah late in 1856, suffering from food shortages and cold-weather exposure. Modern Latter-day Saints often hold trek re-enactments to honor the determination of their ancestors.” To which the Mormon Church’s spokeswoman Kim Farah responded: “The church meets with responsible groups all the time on a variety of issues — but we don’t do it to garner publicity. It is confusing that this group felt the need to tell the church about love and compassion. Church leaders are keenly aware of the various challenges members face around the world — both collectively and individually — and countless hours are spent every week helping them … The collective experience of millions of members is one of being part of a loving, compassionate faith.” [SLT]