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LDS Church Not Impressed With Gay Mormons’ Handcart Stunt


THE SHOT — The Foundation for Reconciliation, a group geared toward reconciling Mormon beliefs with homosexuality, yesterday pulled a handcart through Salt Lake City to deliver 2,000 petitions to the LDS Church, demanding they stop hating on the ‘mos. “The trek drew its inspiration from the famed efforts of LDS Church leaders to rescue members of the Martin and Willie handcart companies, who struggled to reach Utah late in 1856, suffering from food shortages and cold-weather exposure. Modern Latter-day Saints often hold trek re-enactments to honor the determination of their ancestors.” To which the Mormon Church’s spokeswoman Kim Farah responded: “The church meets with responsible groups all the time on a variety of issues — but we don’t do it to garner publicity. It is confusing that this group felt the need to tell the church about love and compassion. Church leaders are keenly aware of the various challenges members face around the world — both collectively and individually — and countless hours are spent every week helping them … The collective experience of millions of members is one of being part of a loving, compassionate faith.” [SLT]

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  • Jerry Priori

    Of course they aren’t impressed. They aren’t impressed that their religion is a scam, so why should a demonstration impress them. I’d like to see the gay members of the LDS leave their superstitions behind. Whenever I hear two religious factions discuss their differences, it always sounds to me like Trekkies discussing whether Captain Kirk wears boxers or briefs. Like STAR TREK, the book of Mormon is fiction. What it has to say about anything has no bearing on reality–except in the influence it holds over people who have every opportunity to know better. I hate to see people be willing instruments in their own oppression.

  • Sam

    “…unless you’re gay,” Farah added.

  • Alan

    @2 — Thanks for the laugh. That’s pretty much implicit at the end of every mormon sentence.

  • Cam

    They are still smarting that since around 1980 they haven’t been able to discriminate and keep blacks out of their church. So now they have an opportunity to take their desire for bigotry and hatred and point it at another group. Since it is not acceptable to publically attack blacks they feel they can now use gays as an outlet to make them feel superior.

    Also, isn’t it about time for some Mormon to sign on here, play the victim card and say things like “My goodness, all you judgemental gays are being so cruel and vicious to we innocent Mormons. Us wanting to kill you and bury you in unmarked graves is just our church expressing our freedom of speech. LOL!

  • tavdy79

    You have to credit the LDS spokesbigot with uncharacteristic honesty. Perhaps one day it would be true for them to say that “The collective experience of all our millions of members is one of being part of a loving, compassionate faith”, but for the time being those two words in bold definitely need to stay out. Compassionate they ain’t.

  • ...

    also because it wasn’t that impressive?

  • PopSnap

    In related news, Jewish Nazis are very mad at Nazi leadership for being intolerant of them.

  • SoylentDIva

    Why LGBT people keep trying to suck up to those hateful bastards I’ll never know. They should just tell them to f*ck off and leave them in the dust. I don’t see anybody begging the KKK to stop being assholes so why do we keep doing it to religious bigots?

  • Cam

    SoylentDIva is People!! ;)

  • AxelDC

    Why is it confusing to the LDS church that gay Mormons do not view it as an organization based on “love and compassion”. The only “love and compassion” Mormon leaders have shown to their gay members is trying to experiment on gay BYU students in the 1980s and then excommunicating gay members who won’t pretend to be straight.

    The US military shows more “love and compassion” to its gay service members than Mormons do. At least they give you an “honorable discharge” when they kick you to the curb.

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