Lea Michele Spills The Beans On Glee Season 3

She might not be starring in Funny Girl, but Lea Michele will be featured prominently in the upcoming season of Glee, with Rachel Berry getting some juicy storylines and a starring role in the high-school musical. (No, not High School Musical.) Michele gabbed with and gave some interesting dish on what’s going to happen when the show returns September 20—and what she’d like to see on what could be her final season.

What specifically are you excited about as we look towards Glee’s third season?
I know that I have some really great story lines with Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. I know that I’m going to be in the high school musical which I can’t say but it’s one of my dream roles—not Fanny Brice. So I know that I’m doing that and I know that they’re going back to a lot of classic songs. From the first script it was not a lot of top 10 songs but older songs which I love and am so excited to sing and lots of Broadway. So I’m super excited about that.

What’s Rachel’s relationship status in terms of Finn and is there any fallout from last May’s surprising kiss?
He’s there, handsome as ever [Laughs], but I think we’re still paying for it [the kiss] a little bit. It seems like the two of us are still together in the first episode, but you never know with Finn and Rachel what could possibly happen.

Are you looking forward to Rachel’s graduation this season?
Well, unless I flunk, which I can work out you know. I can fail my classes, so I’ll see how I feel, and then decide! Obviously I can’t be on the show forever, but I think I look fairly young… right… I think so?!

Do you think this will be the year that we finally get to meet Rachel’s two Dads?
You know what, what the heck? Like really, I really hope so! For me, my dream of meeting Rachel’s dads would just be even if she was performing on stage, taking a bow, and then she’d just waves and there they were her dads in the audience, Elton John… and… one of them is African American so I’ve always had trouble about thinking who that would be. But it would be a great way to just easily slip it in, but [Ryan Murphy] won’t tell me when.

A high-profile openly gay African-American entertainer who could hold his own against Elton? We got one thing to say to you, Ryan Murphy: RuPaul!

Got a better casting idea? Share it in the comments.

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  • christopher di spirito

    I read John Barrowman was itching to do it. Even asking Ryan Murphy to cast him. I think Barrowman would be perfect. Viewers would see where Rachel inherited her natural tendency to be a Diva.

  • rascal

    How about Rosie O’Donnell and Wanda Sykes! Can’t get more masculine than that!

  • Maddie

    Great major for she but why cry?

  • toona

    Barrowman has said that he won’t be in Glee, cos of his contract with Starz

  • soakman

    Never really thought about it, but Alex from the glee project could easily be Rachel’s brother from another surrogate mother.

    Though I imagine she’d have mentioned him by now. Even if he was younger.

  • Mav

    How about Jay Manuel and J. Alexander from America’s Next Top Model? They would make a hilarious couple.

  • Meowzer

    One should be Nathan Lane and the other (if you want to go the African American route) Cee Lo Green. Then, Alex from The Glee Project can be her brother (or step brother).

  • Koh

    Ugh, they cast her dads in Ep 101 “Showmance” and never used them (i’m not referring to the dads in the photo-strip in her locker in the pilot. they were extras cast through an extras casting director). This show needs to stop with all the celebrity-of-the-week guest appearances and get back to actual story lines. Ryan and Ian’s picks were PHENOMENAL. No, they weren’t some crazy celebrity, but actually gifted and hilarious working actors.

  • Spike

    Harvey Fierstein . . . immaculate conception, just like Jesus!

  • Pickles

    “Elton John… and… one of them is African American so I’ve always had trouble about thinking who that would be.’

    What the hell?

  • Mo

    Miss Coco Peru/Clinton Leupp.. Leah and Coco are both from The Bronx. It’s perfect!

  • Scott

    Possibilities for casting Dads (I wish John Barrowman):

    the characters Will & Jack (from Will & Grace)

    Matt Damon with Ben Affleck

    George Clooney with John Goodman

    Jason with Freddy

    Ricky Martin with John Barrowman

  • ibarra

    rupaul played mary cherry’s dad, sweet honey child, in ryan murphy’s popular:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand elton john and rupaul have done a video together.

  • Daniel S

    I’ve always pictured Hugh Jackman & Taye Diggs…I know they should probably be older, but I just thought that was the perfect Broadway influence…Plus they’d be the best looking couple ever!

  • christopher di spirito

    Just thinking outside the box, Rachel’s daddies could be played by André Leon Talley, the judge from America’s Next Top Model, who looks like Idi Amin, and, Verne Troyer, the little person who played Mini-Me in Austin Powers.

  • Joey Carson

    @rascal: ahh, I agree, we just have to make them drag kings for the episode…

  • Jose

    i say the dad should be Nathan Lane hahaha

  • mattydean

    John Barrowman and Taye Diggs (Rent) Duh!

  • Keke

    David James Elliott and Scott Foley. My all time favorite hairy chest sandwich!

  • QJ201

    Barrowman and RuPaul for the win.

  • RT

    I remember when Michael Novotny(Queer as Folk)’s gay dad toured Pittsburgh for a charity drag show, and Michael suspected it might be his real dad. I hope Ryan Murphy will tackle on this big drama piece with maturity for gravity’s sake. But I don’t remember that I particularly cared for Sue re-uniting with her mother in an episode.

  • macmantoo

    Count out Tom Cruise, he won’t have anything to do with a gay character. I agree with Will and Jack from Will & Grace. They would be the perfect duo.

  • Adam

    @Pickles: RIGHT?

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  • mbm2


    sure about that? his career’s in the doldrums and he needs a good role….
    (plus he’s rumored to be playing Monty Clift in the movie based on ‘Furious Love’, the bestseller based on the Burton-Taylor marriage)

  • Lauren Danese

    Taye Diggs and John Barrowman of couRSE

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