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  • biguy

    A little disappointed since I prefer pre-op trans gurls but love reading about her!

  • Richard

    So, so beautiful. I wish her all the luck and happiness, and I hope she continues to make headway in the world of modeling.

  • Maria

    I think it’s inconsiderate to talk about a transwoman’s genitalia like that. “I was just beginning to fall in love with her wang.” Transwomen deal with a lot of emotional pain when it comes to their body image, and I’m sure Lea T. is no different. I have refrained from saying anything, because I normally don’t leave comments on sites like this, but I feel that Queerty has repeatedly been insensitive in its language in the past, not only for trans-people, but in many of its headlines towards all types of people. I’m sure I will most likely be flamed for my belief, but I had to speak up. Queerty is a good site and I can easily get all my news from it, but it could be much more professional.

  • Richard

    @Maria: I agree.

  • Clint

    gorgeous with and without i’m sure.

  • jason

    She hasn’t changed her gender at all. Lea remains a man. Her chromosomes are male chromosomes. He might have changed his appearance but he remains a he.

    Stop trying to pretend that you’ve changed your gender simply because you’ve chopped off your dick.

  • kyals

    @jason: actually *she* hasn’t chopped off anything, and is a woman. Stop over sensationalizing things as some big surgery to try to make people seem illegitimate. There is way more to the lives of trans people then stupidly expensive surgery, which only a small percentage ever affords and many even opt to not do at all.

  • Jeffree

    it’s up to Lea T. to decide what to do, aiong with her physicians’ advice. This isn’t American Idol and we don’t get to vote!

  • misanthrope

    God, jason, you are a transphobic piece of shit.

  • Jillian

    There’s more to being male and female, than just physiological parts.

    It’s possible, too, to have mixed DNA and a hormone imbalance.

    Aside from those, there is so much about *being* a gender that is mental and emotional.

    As I, and many others see it, she is a woman who got some parts that didn’t quite fit.
    Inside, that woman… is a woman!

    It can be pretty complicated–maybe try to listen instead of judge?

  • Syl

    Good for Lea. I wish I had the money, and the courage. It’s no easy decision. Sure, it it was simple as wishing hard clicking your heals then nearly every transwoman would change their gentials, but the fact that the operation is dangerous, has uncertain results, and is irreversible (and that’s not even dealing with the legal and monetary hurdles of getting one) is enough that many t-women go without.

    Also, to the transphobic Jason: first off, they don’t “chop off” the penis. Second, google “Kleinfelter’s” and “Swyer’s Syndrome” and “intersexuality”. Sex and gender are neither synonymous nor clean-cut. Transexuality is best understood as a neurological intersexuality.

  • Gigi

    @jason: I’m not transphobic, so I don’t really understand people who are. I’m assuming that you’re gay Jason, or else why would you be here? And I’m also assuming that you’d like straight people to accept the fact that you have feelings for men and now women, right? So why is it so difficult for you that some people are actually not in their appropriate body? And what difference does it make to you what she, Lea, does with her body? If you don’t understand it, or even if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself.

    And you Queerty – you should know better!

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