Leading Voice Against Circumcision Jonathon Conte Found Dead At 34


One of the California’s most outspoken voices against male circumcision has died.

34-year-old Jonathon Conte was an outspoken activist against the circumcision of males under the age of 18. In addition to collecting signatures for a 2011 ballot measure that would have outlawed the practice in San Francisco, he was also known for going around to Pride festivals and other public events carrying signs with slogans like “Got genital rights?”

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On Monday, he was found dead in his San Francisco apartment. His partner of five years, Christopher Holden, says it was a suicide.

Conte often said that the reason he was so outspoken about male circumcision was because of his concern for others. In a 2011 video posted to YouTube, he explained that when he was 14, he saw a picture of an uncircumcised penis for the first time. That’s when he realized a part of his body “had been cut away from me.”

As a result, he suffered feelings of “incompleteness, both physically and sexually.” He ultimately decided, “If I as a victim, and other victims, don’t speak out against this practice, it will continue, and more men will continue to experience the painful emotions I’ve had to deal with.”

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According to Holden, Conte’s suicide this week came as a complete shock. He tells the Bay Area Reporter that  Conte made pancakes for breakfast that morning, which was “unusual,” but that “he seemed fine.”

When Holden got home from work that afternoon, “I heard some soft music coming from the bedroom.” When he went in to check on Conte, he discovered him with a bag over his head connected to a helium tank.

“I went over there in shock and ripped it off and tried to do CPR, but of course it was too late,” he said. “It’s very fast acting.”

A suicide note has not yet been found.

Friends of Conte were shocked by the news. They have described him as “a lovely man,” “really sweet,” and “caring and vulnerable.” His funeral will be held over the weekend.

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  • Paco

    If his suicide was related to his feelings about his circumcision, then it is a shame he didn’t get the mental help he needed for his feelings of victimization about being circumcised as an infant.

  • TampaBayTed

    it’s rumored he did the act by chocking to death on 144 foreskins.

  • Stache

    I’m utterly amazed that were here in 2016 and circumcision is as big as ever in the US. We would never stand for female genital mutilation so why are we so blase about victimizing helpless boys? 99% of men if given the option at say 18 would never do it. It’s total insanity. Not to mention barbaric.

    If I was a circumcision activist I could see myself getting depressed too.

  • TampaBayTed

    @Stache: Male and female circumcision are two separate and distinct entities.

  • Stache

    @TampaBayTed: Wow. You need to work on that. Unless being a humorless a*shole is what you were aiming at.

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    Very sad news.
    How horrible that he was so depressed to do such a thing.

    Goes to show that sometimes even those most close to us have secrets and feelings that never get shared.
    That’s too bad as often just talking about something alleviates the pain and isolation.

    I also share his opposition to male genital mutilation.

    No circumcision.

    Watch a mutilation video on YouTube.
    You’ll never want that to happen to another sweet baby boy.


    In 50 years time this will be seen for the barbaric superstitious act it is and guys like this will be vindicated. Until then these activists will be traduced as crazies and hysterics (was ever thus). Just too many entrenched powerful interest groups vested in shoring up the status quo. And I speak as one who ostensibly benefited from a medically necessary circumcision (the only one in my family and a rarity among my UK schoolmates)

  • kurt_t

    In my long life, I have said to many a young person, “If you remember nothing else I ever tell you, remember this. Our compassion is the measure of our lives.” And Jonathon was one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. It breaks my heart that he’s gone. It breaks my heart that he was in so much pain.

  • Pistolo

    @kurt_t: Sorry to hear that your friend passed away, bud.

    It takes guts to do what he did. You have to contend with aggressively stupid people with their silly complexes, fictitious “scientific evidence” (sloppily constructed African experiments/propaganda), and you’re potentially written-off and trivialized at every corner. Like any proponent of common sense, you’re met with convolution and hair-splitting that never ceases to heap ontop of you. When you take a stand in spite of that, when you take a brave stand against people whose critical thinking skills are nil, you’re probably a worthwhile person.

  • jegvihar

    Unfortunately USA is a jewish country. That’s why men are cut there. I am glad I am European. Every cut penis is disgusting. There is a scar on the penis, brrr. And a cut penis is useless. That’s why American (=jewish) men can just masturbate next to his partner, hahaha

  • kurt_t

    @Pistolo, thanks. Yeah, you are so right. Willful ignorance can become really demoralizing.

  • kurt_t

    @jegvihar, actually many of the leaders of the movement against RIC in the US are Jews. I refer you to Jews Against Circumcision…

  • Imperialist

    @jegvihar: And you, Jeggie, are a DB, which can never be cut out of or off you.

  • Violent Rainbow

    Circumcision should be banned everywhere, it is most definitely genital mutilation and there’s no justifying it. I hate the stupid endless excuses people use such as “it’s cleaner, foreskin is gross and dirty” I mean come on people, is chopping off part of your dick really worth saving the 5 seconds it takes to clean it in the shower everyday? How about we chop off other parts of our bodies so we don’t have to clean them either? Maybe take off a few toes, imagine how many seconds you’ll save never having to cut your toenails again!

  • tham


    Have you ever wondered why HIV isn’t a straight man’s problem in the US…but it is almost everywhere else?

    Where they started to circumcise in Africa, HIV infections for straight men dropped more than 70%.

  • zipperzone

    @TampaBayTed: Shallow – sick – not funny on any level.

  • Paco

    @jegvihar: Being circumcised never bothered me. I don’t even have any memory of it. But I guess if a circumcised guy surrounded himself with a group of people constantly preaching about how disgusting and mutilated a circumcised penis is, then I could see how he could develop emotional issues about it to the point of even suicide.

    I think the intactivists need a more compassionate message for the sake of those that can’t handle losing some skin at birth.

  • Billy Budd

    I am circumcised and I am totally AGAINST circumcision. It reduces the sensitivity of the penis and makes it more difficult to reach orgasms. For example, I am incapable of having orgasms wearing condoms. I always have to masturbate in the end, in order to get off. It is a shame.

  • Jboo

    I’m circumcised and I like it. I’m glad it was done when I was an infant. I like the way it looks vs. uncut. If I ever have a boy I’m more than likely going to have him circumcised as well. All this bullshit about ‘losing sensitivity’ and being more difficult to reach orgasms is exactly that – bullshit. I’ve never had any difficulties in achieving climax, nor has it diminished enjoyment I’ve shared with my sexual partners. Anecdotally I’ve never heard of any of my circumcised friends experiencing difficulties either. Nor are we traumatized. Nor are we ‘victims’.

  • Brian

    Circumcision is completely unnecessary unless you have a very tight foreskin which prevents retraction to clean the glans penis. Most men can easily retract their foreskin for this purpose so it’s completely unnecessary in most men’s cases.

  • Brian

    By the way, condolences to the family and friends of Jonathon Conte. He fought the good fight.

  • Blackceo

    Yeah no. I’m circumsised and am glad that my father insisted to my mother that I be circumsised. She is Puerto Rican and there is a low rate of circumcision among Puerto Rican males, but apparently they got into it while I was marinating in the womb about circumcision vs being uncircumcised and in the end he fortunately won that argument. I like the way my circumcised dick looks. Its not “mutilated”, I don’t have sexual arousal issues, I can climax with a condom on and I don’t have some sort of suppressed trauma from something that happened at birth. If I ever have a male child he will be circumcised. The end.

  • Green4Clover

    I think cut penises are more sexy. I get grossed out when I see uncut ones. I am cut and glad It was done to me. I have way beyond amazing orgasms. But all this cut/uncut BS don’t mean shit. What matters is having a sexy rich man anyways.

    May Jonathon rest in peace and his loved ones find find confort in one another.

  • Sluggo2007

    In a 2011 video posted to YouTube, he explained that when he was 14, he saw a picture of an uncircumcised penis for the first time. That’s when he realized a part of his body “had been cut away from me.” Oh, PUH-LEEZE!!!!! Does anybody really believe that he was 14 before he knew about circumcision? Give me a break!!!

  • jegvihar

    @Green4Clover Hülye

  • LuckyAlex

    I am cut and wouldn’t have it any other way. There is no doubt it’s cleaner this way. I doubt uncircumcised men take the time to clean properly overtime after they pee. I climax easily and have great sex…a lot of it. My sons are circumcised as well.BTW it’s not just a jewish thing…it’s a muslim thing and…a smart people thing as well to circumcise. Don’t stick your head in the sand, there are thousands of studies to support it. Not to mention it looks a lot better.I do get turned off at uncircumcised dicks…looks like an elephant’s trunk rather than a sexy male organ.

    Get cut, if you aren’t yet.

    It’s great to see someone being passionate and active about what they believe and it seems he certainly was. I am sorry he didn’t get treatment for his depression…RIP Jonathon.

  • Brian

    @LuckyAlex: Uncircumcised penises are natural. That’s how nature intended them to be. It’s easy to clean. The vast majority of foreskins retract naturally and with no problem at all. Why tinker with it?

  • Black Pegasus

    I think goodness my parents had all of their sons circumcised. I can’t even look at a uncut penis without feelings of intense disgust.
    As for Mr. Conte, he was obviously mentally ill.

  • ScottOnEarth

    I’m amazed by the conversation around circumcision. Personally, uncut dicks gross me out completely. They seem dirty and they smell bad. Sorry, it’s true. But, I’m sorry Jonathon suffered such trauma from his own circumcision.

  • BigG

    I’m traumatized by uncut. Uncut is just unpleasant. It’s high risk for hiv, std and bacterial infections. That smell is ungodly and yes it looks ugly. Cut dick is much nicer, cleaner and is backed by the cdc for health reasons. Yeah, I’m all for being cut. So thankful my parents cut me, probably saved my life as a gay man.

  • jegvihar

    @LuckyAlex You are a stupid asshole jew :P Please never travel to Europe, thank you.

  • Stache

    Circumcision was brought to us by the Victorian anti-sexuality era. It was a way to keep boys from masturbating by reducing their sexual pleasure. In those days masturbation was seen as the worst thing you could do to yourself.

    When I get hard sometimes the skin gets uncomfortably tight and I have a hard time climaxing. I definitely can’t do it with a condom on either. Most cut guys can’t. That’s probably why most guys hate the condoms so much.

    I notice in all your defensiveness you guys are talking about smell and aesthetics. Forget about that. I’m talking function. Why the fuck do we need to mess with Mother Nature? What gives you the right to force it on other people?

  • Stache

    @jegvihar: As a European you must just slap your forehead hearing all this utter stupidity. Only in the US do we argue about circumcision. Of coarse being the US we never look at other places as a counter point. It’s like Europe doesn’t even exist.

  • Paco

    @Stache: It keeps boys from masturbating? Really?!

    Sorry you think you have issues with your penis, but mine functions just fine with and without condoms. I have known plenty of uncut guys that have problems with condoms. Most of those issues are mental because they prefer raw sex over having their dicks covered with rubber.

    As far as messing with Mother Nature… We do it everyday for an endless list of natural human shortcomings, and with little or no protest or outrage. If you feel like you have been harmed against your will, then take it up with your parents and a good therapist and don’t get your own son circumcised should you decide to become a parent.

  • rmarin776

    @Stache: You’re absolutely right. Almost all the pro-circumcision people here are arguing on aesthetic or supposed cleanliness points. The only reason an uncircumcised dick seems “disgusting” is because we’ve been conditioned to see circumcised dicks as “normal”. I’m cut, but even I can acknowledge that uncut guys ARE more sexually functional. The skin moves around the penis which makes masturbation more comfortable, and sex (as giver or receiver) more pleasant (there doesn’t have to be so much in-and-out because smaller movements stimulate the penis more easily). This is just fact, and people who know this are disgusting or in need of therapy.

    If you love your cut dick, more power to you. But don’t put down guys who have normal, uncut dicks. They are not stinky or dirty or ugly. It’s just f-ed up to dump your cultural hang ups on them.

    And, in my opinion, you should leave the decision about circumcision to the person who owns that dick. Parents shouldn’t have the right to perform a purely aesthetic and irreversible surgery on a child who cannot consent.

    Other points: Stache is right that modern circumcision started as a way of discouraging men from masturbating during the victorian era. The information is out there if you want to do a little research. Most of the other supposed “health benefits” have been debunked, especially in societies where access to water/hygiene following sex is readily available.

    It’s ridiculous though (and sounds anti-Semitic) for the european guy on here to suggest we have circumcision because we are a “jewish country”. Just not true… and really out of line to call people things like “stupid asshole jew”. Really?

  • rmarin776

    Also condolences to Jonathon’s friends and family, and to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. I wish for all of you that there would have been another way.

  • rmarin776

    I meant “this is just fact, and people who know this are NOT disgusting or in need of therapy.” Whoops – left about a pretty essential word in my last post.

  • Kangol

    @jegvihar: Can you cut it with the anti-Semitism? Not only Jews but Muslims circumcise, as do other people across the globe. So statements equating circumcision with Jews, when there are a BILLION Muslims across the globe, and saying that the US is a “Jewish” country as a way to insult Jews and the American practice of circumcision, are utterly offensive and have no place on this forum or anywhere else. Please get help!

  • Kangol

    @kurt_t: Thanks for your comment about Jonathon Conte. My sympathies to his family and friends like you.

    Cut or uncut, a penis can be beautiful. Each to his own (and others’, if they’re offering them up.)

    BTW, for cut guys who cannot cum in condoms, add a bit extra thick lube in the tip, massage it onto your erect penis, and then when you have sex, it will lubricate more and help you climax. (This will have no effect, though, if there’s a psychological issue keeping you from cumming in the condom as well.)

  • Stache

    @rmarin776: Everything you said was great. Since it’s impossible for a man to compare the difference in feeling thanks for applying some logic that we can all understand. Functional stuff.

    Just imagine having that extra skin that protected your sensitive parts and acted as a sleeve for the back and forth motions. Even fucking with a condom would feel great and natural because you still have that sliding motion inside of the condom going on.

    Guys no ones saying you’re ruined. In spite of some issues with being cut I’m happy with my sex life. However, I can still recognize a wrong. We really need to move beyond this.

    Look how this subject gets us worked up from the sidelines. Imagine being in the middle of it like this guy. Especially seeing the ignorance just going on and on. Year after year.

  • Stache

    @Kangol: You do realize just by saying that you’re making an argument for staying intact since the foreskin would act as the lube. That’s great advice though. I do the same thing. That and the right size condom of coarse. You want there to be a little bit of sliding action between your dick and condom.

  • Pistolo

    @Stache: 90% of the arguments FOR circumcision here are just spawned from ego. As a matter in fact, the continued practice of this procedure is almost entirely attributed to ego. If these proponents of circumcision have to think about the plainly illogical reasons for why this procedure is performed, they have to immediately make it a reflection of them. In their mind, they’re thinking “WHAT?! Are you trying to say there’s something wrong with MY dick because I’M circumcised?!” or “WHAT?! Are you saying I’M a bad parent because I had my kid circumcised” or “WHAT?! Are you saying MY religion is stupid because it practices circumcision?”. So they don’t question it and just do it and advocate for it and joke about anyone who has anything to say about it’s absurdity.

    Intactivists are just saying we shouldn’t do it anymore because it began on a false premise, it’s not supported by science and it isn’t supported by ethics either. It’s not personal, it’s not about you and you only, circumfetishists. Nobody gives a f–k if you’re a happy with your penis, that’s your personal feeling, not everyone who is circumcised feels that way so simply because YOU do so they shouldn’t have part of their dicks sliced off because you don’t mind that it happened to you.

    Just. give. it. up.

    Circumcision, beyond just being wrong, is completely silly.

  • Paco

    @Stache: Actually it is possible for a man to know the difference. Men that elect to have circumcisions done. From what I have read about it, they report no difference in sensation or sexual function, and they like how clean it is too. You have convinced yourself that you are missing out on something when men that have had it done later in life say otherwise.

    The science does back up the benefits versus the risk of male circumcision according to the CDC and WHO. I’ll trust their science before some selectively picked science from obscure sources on some Intactivist site.

  • Pistolo

    @Paco: You know what is exponentially more effective, safer, less costly, and more logical than circumcision as a preventative measure against HIV? Safe sex, awareness, and access to healthcare that provides testing- if you’re counting on being circumcised to spare you the risk of HIV then you are screwed. Not to mention, the United States, which has a high circumcision rate, regularly beats out other countries with a next-to-nil circumcision rate as far as HIV transmission goes and it hasn’t done any favors for Africa either. The CDC is just placating to the brainiacs who evidently lack the critical thinking skills to realize this- nothing I’ve said goes against reason or rationale. The idea you’d cut off a part of your penis to avoid risk of catching HIV, however, TOTALLY does- it’s indefensibly stupid.

  • LuckyAlex

    @jegvihar: I am proud Jew…you are disgusting goy…stay in Europe.

  • Kangol

    @Pistolo: Ego, or ideology. Religious belief is closer to the latter than the former.

    As someone else pointed out, some men have to undergo circumcisions, because of phimosis (the foreskin is too small and tight) or foreskin tearing. One man I knew who had a beautiful foreskin had to be circumcised at 30 because of the constant infections, bleeding and tearing of his tight foreskin. As beautiful as it looked, for his own health the prepuce had to go.

    So ego may be part of the mix, but there often other reasons why adult men undergo circumcision. Sometimes for health reasons they have no choice.

  • onthemark

    @Sluggo2007: Well, no doubt he heard about circumcision before he was 14 – knew theoretically what it WAS. That’s different.

    The first time I saw an uncut one, up close, I thought it was awesome!

  • Pistolo

    @Kangol: You’re talking out of school, take it from someone who has had phimosis (AKA ME) it’s very rare and it’s often treatable. My procedure was covered by insurance, took about 45 minutes, was only a SINGLE incision, I was able to leave THAT DAY, and my dick looks good- not even a scar. Sadly, I had to go through the mill trying to find a doctor who even knew what this procedure WAS, a doctor who didn’t want to just immediately send me to be circumcised even though I had options and thank god I KNEW I did. A lot of guys don’t and a lot of people LIKE YOU perpetuate this myth that it’s only solution is circumcision.

    And, as far as religion goes, it’s all about making your kid look like everyone else in that religion- it’s all about appearances. There’s no complex ideological belief, it’s just tradition, it’s just ritual, it’s just old world garbage that people have selectively chosen as relevant now even though they defy the texts in a million other ways.

  • Paco

    @Sluggo2007: And that is why many of these Intactivists come off as crackpots. They were living their lives just fine until they saw a penis that was different than their own. Then suddenly they are emotionally crippled about it and become extremely irrational. The guy this article is about is even shown perpetuating his irrational thoughts by the messages on his shirt and kite shown in the photo. “Circumcision harms men”. “Circumcision sexually mutillates”. Both statements that can be refuted by the many accounts of men that have had the procedure done as adults and report no negative effects.

    He didn’t say he had issues before. It wasn’t until after he learned he had been circumcised. If he suddenly felt damaged then fine, but he should have put the effort into working on his own irrational feelings and thoughts rather than try to convince everyone else they are damaged goods too or are turning their male children into damaged goods like he perceived himself to be. The evidence just doesn’t back up the Intactivist irrationality about it.

  • Pistolo

    @Paco: His approach may have been severe but is his argument really that nuts?

    To put it into perspective, most of the world doesn’t think to circumcise to begin with. Are they crackpots? They don’t ever even have to reach the point of intactivism because they don’t have the issue in and of itself. They never deluded themselves into thinking it was some practice one should passionately support because one corrupted African study and a few facile arguments easily outrun by simple didn’t sway them.

    You’re the crackpot, you’re adherent to this practice to a degree where you think being ignorant to it somehow should ensure people peace of mind. It’s a paradoxical, absurdist argument- there’s no reason for why you should even feel mildly passionate about cutting off bits of infants genitals because science no longer supports that perspective (and never really did). You’re just scrambling for easily disprovable arguments and an “ignorance is bliss” mentality- it’s perfectly silly. Why do something that isn’t necessary? It isn’t necessary! Every man is born with a foreskin. You’re arguing against biology- it’s as silly as saying homosexuality isn’t natural- no, it is because plenty of other species are homosexual without societal influence. It’s evinced by just observing what is basically there…it’s *painfully* simple.

  • Paco

    @Pistolo: if they want to make the argument that male circumcision is not necessary, then make that argument instead resorting to tactics that make you look like some loony street corner preacher or anti-abortion activist.

    The article linked to this one quotes a friend of his – “Despite Mr. Conte’s enthusiasm, Schofield said, “He said to me many, many times, ‘People just don’t care.’ … ”

    You know why most people don’t care? Because most men that are circumcised as infants or later in their adult lives know that the Intactivist messages of “Circumcision harms men” and “Circumcision sexually mutilates” is complete BS by their own experiences with it, and such extreme messaging that doesn’t line up with the reality of most circumcised men’s lives is going to be ignored.

    Focus on the merits of staying intact with the real peer reviewed medical data to back it up and admit that most guys have no ill effects but a small percentage do, and then maybe people will listen. They have to explain to all the men who haven’t been harmed by circumcision why it is unnecessary for their sons to be circumcised without shrill hysterical messaging and tactics that flies in the face of the personal experience of millions of others.

    If you have to make stuff up to support your emotional, unhinged arguments against male circumcision that ignore the millions of men happy with their circumcisions, then you will forever be looked upon as a nut.

  • Stache

    @Paco: If you’re so convinced that you’re right then why not support a law that left it up to the kid when he turned 18 then? SF tried to do that a few years ago. They were hit over the head by everyone though. How dare you interfere with the rights of the parents. Not to mention the Jewish community screaming discrimination. We all know that kids are only property to cut up if you feel like it.

    I really wish they’d also make female genital mutilation legal too. Then things would finally get done. People would see all mutilation as wrong.

  • Paco

    @Stache: Because as a circumcised male, I am not convinced that it is harmful. If it were truly harmful for most men, it simply wouldn’t be done on infants or adults and the stories of pain, suffering and mental instability due to male circumcision would be wide spread. But that isn’t the case, because most men are fine with it and when confronted with the alternative, are actually really happy about their own circumcisions.

    Just keep on ignoring all the men that are ok compared to the small percentage that developed emotional issues years later when they learned they were different because they lost their little turtle neck and have no memory of it. Even though they were somehow, magically, fine before that little revelation of life.

  • Stache

    @Paco: You just completely ignored my point. How about we give them a choice when they’re of age instead of forcing it on them? If you’re that convinced it should simple. The problem is you know most men would never do it.

  • Paco

    @Stache: Most men already don’t do it and there is no evidence that they are better off than the men that have, so not following your point. You also have to determine what is considered “forcing it on” when dealing with the medical and parental care of an infant. Harm needs to be proven.

    Personally I don’t care if a man is circumcised or not.

  • Pistolo

    @Paco: Those guys who were a-okay with their circumcisions don’t outweigh those that weren’t. And anyways, I would attribute most of their satisfaction to the fact that they don’t know what the alternative is and can never know. Intactivists, in essence, argue that one should be able to HAVE an alternative, a CHOICE. Also, in our society (and many others) for ages, men have measured their worthiness by dick size/function- so many men have a total, irrational complex about it. Do you really expect that everyone who is dissatisfied with their circumcision will speak up? Or even admit it to themselves?

    Studies point in different directions as far as sensation and sensitivity go but it’s an undeniable fact that cortisone levels go up (3-4 times) in infants after circumcision- and for *days*. That is really not a good thing at all in adults let alone infants- who knows how that effects the brain? For whatever reason, America and other practicing countries are really afraid to ask themselves those questions so they come up with blatant lies about urinary tract infections and sexually-transmitted diseases to prevent from having to culpability for partaking in or promoting this ridiculous procedure. It’s insane how people will fight to maintain the right to snip boys when they so totally don’t have to. What about that practice is worth fighting for? It’s mass hysteria.

    If you don’t care that you were circumcised, would you care if you weren’t? If you don’t care if the men you are sleeping with are circumcised then what if they all just…weren’t? You wouldn’t care! You don’t actually care until circumcision is criticized then you take it personally and try to defend it. That’s what makes a person a proponent of circumcision- the fact they personalize it and make it about themselves. The question isn’t about you any longer, it’s about this new generation of men who could get to keep their foreskin and their choice.

  • Transiteer

    Is it not unusual to have a suicide without a note???

  • rickhfx

    My family Dr. told me a story, he used to do circumcisions, one day he did one and the bleeding would not stop. the infant was a hemophiliac, unknown to all at the time. The child almost bleed out, my Dr. never would do a circumcision again, he said No surgery is a simple riskless surgery. Whats up with stinky guys, most gay guys cut or uncut are clean as can be, in my experience. Any way if the guy is a jerk cut or uncut they aren’t for me.

  • BriDaddyMN

    @kurt_t: as a cut man, I find uncut to be repulsive.

  • BriDaddyMN

    @jegvihar: I find uncut repulsive. Uncut guys come in a second if you even touch their penis. No need for a stinky elephant trunk in my bed.

  • DavidJacobs

    How… unfortunate. A real shame… a true loss of a high contributing member of society. LMAO.

  • BaeB


    Of all these pro-circumcision people arguing the visual advantage of being circumcised, they completely glance over the fact that aesthetic motives would categorize the surgery as cosmetic and cosmetic surgery on a minor’s “privates” is a felony. Facts

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