Split Political Personality?

Leah Daughtry Defines Marriage As “One Man, One Woman”

The Democratic National Committee takes another hit today. The Washington Blade has obtained a copy of DNC Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry’s deposition in the ongoing discrimination discovery hearings.

When asked about whether she supports gay marriage, Daughtry replied that she does not. The Pentecostal minister turned politico goes on to explain that same-sex nuptials go against her personal beliefs: “I believe, as the church believes, that marriage is intended for one man and one woman.” Daughtry goes on to insist that she keeps her religious beliefs separate from her duties at the DNC: “People know that I am a reverend but it is completely separate from the work at the DNC.”

The Blade also points out that Daughtry objected to requisite gay delegates because we haven’t faced “historic discrimination at the voting booth”. Girl must not remember all those anti-gay marriage initiatives.

Meanwhile, our sources in DC tell us the DNC has asked the judge to seal all documents pertaining to the case. They plan to argue that all the attention has cost them financially. Yeah, the truth can do that sometimes…

The Blade will reportedly fight that request.

Update: DNC Spokesman Damien LaVera sent us this statement:

Once again, the plaintiffs are resorting to false and misleading statements as part of a campaign of dishonest smear tactics aimed at trying their case outside the courtroom. The truth is, the DNC has responded to the persistent leaking of materials that are not related to this case and aimed solely at damaging the reputation and privacy of individuals who are not party to the suit by asking the court to issue a limited protective preventing the public distribution of deposition and discovery materials. That is not a seal, and any suggestion otherwise is completely untrue and irresponsible.

And there you have it…

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  • todd

    I’m sick of these black homophobes! They embrace the slave master’s religion and act all like they don’t care about anyone else. I’m for only one black man having babies with only one woman – but you don’t see me hatin!

  • PolishBear

    This is dismaying, but not entirely surprising.

    Here in West Virginia, a constitutionl amendment prohibiting Gay couples from marriage AND civil unions has been introduced in the House of Delegates. Most shocking of ALL? Over HALF of the sponsors are Democrats!

    The 2004 West Virginia Democratic Party Platform states: “Democrats continue to lead the fight to ensure no American suffers discrimination or deprivation of rights on the basis of race, gender, language, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, family status or other characteristics irrelevant to ability.”

    However, there are seven Democratic delegates that have turned their back on the party platform and have signed onto this measure. They are Harold Michael (Hardy), Tim Miley (Harrison), Rick Moye (Raleigh), John Pino (Fayette), Brent Boggs (Braxton), Cliff Moore (McDowell), and William Stemple (Calhoun).

    The “Marriage Protection Amendment” these lawmakers have agreed to sponsor is deceptively named, because it would ban Gay West Virginians from not only marrying but also from forming any other legally-recognized contracts such as a civil unions or domestic partnerships.

    It is astonishing that seven Democratic delegates would throw their support behind such a divisive and mean-spirited measure. This kind of bigotry and shameless political posturing has no place in the Democratic Party that I belong to.

  • Peter

    But it’s the traditional way for one minority to subjugate another one! :-X

  • hisurfer

    Sounds like the exact position on marriage that all the Democratic candidates are taking, including the Great Uniter. And the anti-marriage initiatives didn’t stop anyone from *voting*, so I can see her point there. I didn’t even know there had been a push for “requisite gay delegates.”

    I’m not saying she’s any good – I never even heard of her before last week – just that, so far her views seem pretty mainstream, yet she’s getting painted as a phobic radical.

  • emb

    I’m sorry, but I’m with Todd on this one. It’s really time for all of us discriminated-against minorities to recognize that we’re not the only class of individuals who are institutionally discriminated against. This infighting among the oppressed is utterly in the interests of the oppressor. Further, it’s time we all stopped kowtowing to religion, which forms the core for most if not all discriminatory mindsets: religion has justified slavery, religion is used to justify homophobia (as in this post), and religion is used to justify the subjegation of women. I’m personally sick and tired of homophobes, racists, and sexists magically removing themselves from criticism because their views are “faith-based” and therefore not subject to argument. That’s nonsense.

    (And while I’m on my soapbox, could I point out that a person who supports Obama is not automatically sexist, and a supporter of Clinton is not automatically racist–that particular line of thought (most recently raised by NOW) just further serves to divide us all.)

    As for Ms Daughtry, she should really stick to the pulpit, where narrowminded preachiness is expected. Sad that the DNC tolerates such nonsense.

  • pessullivan

    Hurt them financially? You think? I can assure you I won’t be giving the DNC any money.

    It will go directly to candidates that will fight for us.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Now that Latino/Hispanics have passed African-Americans in numbers and success that leaves the GLBT community the only one the African-American community can look down their noses at and feel superior.

    Is it just me or do Daughtry’s photos make her look like she’s doing a bad dyke impersonation?

  • Jaroslaw

    OK, she supposedly believes the Bible – the Old Testament talks about multiple wives (NOT husbands so what does that say?)

    AND, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Whats up with the bald head?

  • ousslander

    Even with all anti-gay stuff coming out about the dnc and their cronies, our community will still throw money and votes at them. IT is text book example of an abusive relationship. I know he hits but he says he loves me and willn’t do it again.
    Maybe we should just go cry it out on Tyra!

  • Becca

    I’m too pissed off to leave a comment right now

  • chandler in lasvegas

    As a potential delegate to the Democratic National Convention, I find it reprehensible that The Pentecostal Reverend Leah Daughtry is going to yea/nay Gay Democrat Delegates. Her history of anti-lesbian support is noted in the law suit. Howard Dean supports her. It goes to show that we ARE in the back of the Democratic bus.

  • gay as life

    Just goes to show how NOT very far apart our two parties are. And how very badly we are in need of real choices in out voting process.

  • gay as life

    oops – “our” voting process, not “out”

  • rococo

    I also agree with hisurfer about the anti-marriage initiatives not denying anyone the ability to vote and there is also no denying that in modern historical times, African Americans have had a demonstrably raw deal here in the U.S. but for a little long range historical view, I’d like to point out that African Americans have been discriminated against for about 400 years or so. Gays, however, have literally been discriminated against for THOUSANDS of years, if the old testament is any indication. And although I do agree with the sentiment of EMB’s post whole heartedly, I would argue that just because Daughtry is the member of a minority group doesn’t cancel out her oppressive behavior.
    For an interesting, if sometimes crazy, counter-point to modern progressive queer politics, check out http://www.indegayforum.org. Interesting stuff, intelligently written, even if I don’t agree most of the time with what it’s particular points of view.

  • emb

    Frank Michaels: Thanks for the link. I vented at the DNC muchly (I’m sure they’re thrilled, and will immediately change their Ways).

    Gay as Life: It’s true there’s a lot of similarity between the two parties on a lot of issues, but fundamentally it’s obvious that we’re substantially better off with the Dems, warts and all, than with the republicans. And until there’s a burst of light from the sky and americans are filled with love and friendship for their homo brothers and sisters, the sort of lukewarm, namby-pamby, wishy-washy liberal pablum the Dems serve up is VASTLY preferable to the loathing and hatred and mockery we enjoy from that other party. A truly progressive, left-of-center party has no hope of any electoral success in a nation that’s as stubbornly moderate-conservative as this one.

  • emb

    Rococo: Thanks for the vote of confidence! If anything I said suggested I think Daughtry should be excused for being a total stupid bitch on the basis of her race, I utterly take it back! Religion doesn’t excuse it, race doesn’t excuse it–nuthin’ does.

  • Ryan

    Kudos to the Blade for unearthing all this stuff.

    It’s disheartening – though not surprising – to find so much resistance to our causes at the national level. No wonder there’s been no federal progress for over a decade, when it comes to our rights.

    The first step to changing all of this, thank goodness, is the fact that it’s been unearthed. They’re going to have to clean up their act, or else.

  • Jeebus

    Religion is sicker and more unnatural than homosexuality. Bitch needs to get a large grip on reality.

  • DCLadyGov

    Also, in some case law and some local ordinances establish that private employers may not treat you differently from other employees based on sexual orientation. If you believe that you have been sexually harassed or discriminated against by a private employer, you may have a legal claim against that employer. The Bureau of Labor and Industries can also help enforce state non-discrimination law and some local ordinances.

    Some state law does not prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in housing or places of public accommodation, such as hotels, restaurants, or other businesses. Unless the law is changed, landlords and businesses in many communities may refuse to serve you because of your sexual orientation. If you have a question about such discrimination, you should ask a lawyer about the current laws.

  • Grace Morton

    Ook in sommige jurisprudentie en sommige plaatselijke verordeningen vestig dat privéwerkgevers u anders van andere werknemers gebaseerde op seksuele oriëntatie niet zullen misschien behandelen. Indien u gelooft dat u seksueel tegen door een privéwerkgever bent gekweld of onderscheiden, zult u een wettelijke eis tegen misschien hebben dat werkgever. Het Bureau van Arbeid en Industrieën kunnen ook helpen staatsniet-discriminatiewet en sommige plaatselijke verordeningen af te dwingen.

    Sommige staatswetten verbieden onderscheid gebaseerde op seksuele oriëntatie in huisvesting of plaatsen van openbare schikking niet, zoals hotels, restaurants of andere zaken. Tenzij de wet veranderd wordt, zullen huisbazen en zaken in vele gemeenschap misschien weigeren u wegens uw seksuele oriëntatie te dienen. Indien u een vraag over zulk onderscheid hebt, zou u een advocaat over de huidige wetten moeten vragen.

  • Bob

    This is very troubling. Funny how while Obama is chastising the black religious community for their homophobia, she is sticking to her guns. Maybe we should let the DNC know that while she’s in that position we will neither finance nor vote for their candidates.
    Money talks and maybe it’s time we DEMAND respect and representation. Let’s stop bitching about it and do something about it.
    Bitch needs to take a hike back to the “pulpit”.

  • ProfessorVP

    Funny how the white slaveholders, never noted for their generous ways, gave the useful gift of Christianity to their chattel. I don’t suppose it was to put them in a daze so they would shut up and work harder, expecting their reward in the afterlife. With the possible exception of cigarettes, nothing has been so falsely and aggressively marketed as religion. And turned out to be so harmful.

  • emb

    Bravo, Professor!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Are we about to replace a White Theocracy with a Black Theocracy in the White House hellbent on homophobia? My best attempt at a rebuke to power-driven pentacost demagogue Leah Daughtry is to vote for Hillary to punish Barack’s nudge-nudge wink-wink approval of this Gospel/Exodus/McClurkin/Daughtry hate-driven radical religiousnous in a country founded on “Separation of Church and State” for this very reason. We should go to the ACLU, not HRC, the DNC or NAACP. Blindside them at the Polls, especially in Safe Democratic states where it is a protest vote against both parties. The Evil Angelicas (EvangelicalS0 are ascending the steps of Executive power again and we are not even at the back of the Democratic bus, we are under it. It is even worse from McCain and his bedeviled thirst for gay blood-letting. Vote policy, not prayer gestures and fake rhetoric.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    That’s Evil Angelicas (Evangelicals) Sorry, Becca I am made at this pandering to hypocrites. Remember, the Church has AIDS, too.

  • John

    I am looking forward to the day that there is before the U.S. Congress civil rights legislation providing gay people all the same rights (including marriage, inheritance — you name it–) as other citizens, and on that day the President of the United States stands on the floor of the U.S. Congress, as did President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and that President encourages the Congress to pass that legislation.

    I believe what Lyndon Johnson said to the Congress was “We shall overcome”.

    Oh happy day that will be.

  • Bill Perdue

    Why is anyone surprised?

    PolishBear Says ‘It is astonishing that seven Democratic delegates would throw their support behind such a divisive and mean-spirited measure. This kind of bigotry and shameless political posturing has no place in the Democratic Party that I belong to.´

    You’re wrong, PolishBear, bigotry does have a place in your party, first place. Your party overwhelmingly voted in favor of DADT and DOMA and your President Clinton signed them and then ran campaign ads flaunting his bigotry for singing them. Your party has controlled Congress for two years but refuses to repeal them and even gutted ENDA and then dropped it and the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill so they wouldn’t be campaign issues.

    The Democratic Party is polluted with bigotry, whether it’s Bill Clinton’s race baiting Obama or gaybashing christian bigots in the DNC. But that’s not surprising given their record of nominating and supporting gay bashers in the courts and for Attorney General. You’re in the wrong party. You’re wasting you vote on a party of bigots.

  • GC

    Obama may have screwed up, but Hillary isn’t much better what with DOMA and DADT. People say ethnic minorities are ignored by the DNC because until recently they were assumed not to have any better options. It seems the DNC will cater to Latino and Af Am voters now for fear of losing them, but not so with the gays.

  • ProfessorVP

    Perdue, you are spot on about the Democratic party BOASTING about the Defense of Marriage Act. A lot of people don’t know that, or have short memories. Saying the Democratic Party is better than the Republican Party is like saying that diabetes is better than cancer. It’s not exactly a lie, but still…

  • Bill Perdue

    ProfessorVP, I hope to hell you forgot to copyright your wicked witticism that ‘Saying the Democratic Party is better than the Republican Party is like saying that diabetes is better than cancer. It’s not exactly a lie, but still…” because I want to steal it. It’s perfect.

  • SeaFlood

    Wow. Racism is well and thriving within our community. Black homophobes… as if white homophobes don’t exist. And then the one person who thinks everyone should vote for Hillary to “punish” Obama for what this B/black woman said… is outrageous.

    What is it going to take for gay white people to realize that B/black persons speak for themselves and not the whole of B/black people? That we are as varied as everyone else? When are gay white people going to remember that when they unleash all that seemingly pent up racism that their gay B/black trannies, sisters, and brothers are listening and that this weakens the bonds between us?

    Leah Daughtry, like many religious people in the US, regardless of their ethnicity or race, believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. Tell me, are we really shocked by this? Most of the states in our Union have passed DOMA acts in their states and these passed OVERWHELMINGLY and it wasn’t about being B/black or white, but RELIGIOUS.

    When are gay people going to start stopping themselves from being lead around by their noses. This information was “leaked” during an election year? Come on — it doesn’t take two brain cells.

    Also, who told any of us the Dems or the Repubs had our best interests at heart? The passing of a non-inclusive ENDA speaks to that.

    Just, I can’t believe I came to this post and read all that racialized hatred. Shame on you SHAME!

  • ProfessorVP

    Perdue, wear it in good health, with my permission.

    Sea Flood, who said or even vaguely hinted that white homophobes don’t exist?

  • red_state_exile

    When are gay white people going to remember that when they unleash all that seemingly pent up racism that their gay B/black trannies, sisters, and brothers are listening and that this weakens the bonds between us?

    SeaFlood, when will straight blacks remember that unleashing their NOT pent up heterosexuality on us gay folks and actively avoids anything to do with us weakens the bonds between us?

    Seriously, I get tired of hearing about the personal and sex lives of my black female coworkers. Can’t they see that it isolates us as human beings?

    Fact is, they don’t care. Shame on us? Shame on the black community for encouraging and supporting institutional discrimination. That’s where the shame belongs. I’ll care about racism when they care about homophobia.

  • ProfessorVP

    Red State, I don’t even know if there’s a black community or a gay community. I think things are more broken down along educational/economic lines, which then translate into political divisions. One thing I know about all races/ethnicities… when people get some schooling and some money, the vice-like grip of religion loosens. Blacks certainly aren’t the only ones with backward ideas. For example, you can count on Republicans to put flyers on the vehicles of Red State churchgoers about (the misnomer) “gay marriage” and “Such-and-Such Democrat will take your guns away.” Of course, someone like Karl Rove certainly doesn’t care about guns, and may himself be gay.

  • Brian B

    I got pissed at Howard Dean along time ago and will not send the DNC a penny this election cycle. These assholes have used us and our money long enough.

    We don’t need any Leah’s at the DNC, we’ve got enough stupid anti gay black preacher hypocrites to fill the stage with Bernice King and friends. They just don’t get it.

    Anyone else ever tried to get removed from the DNC email list? Good Grief!

    More proof that it’s not just the RNC that is being run by IDIOTS.

  • Charles

    There is a reason that we can’t get anything done in this country. Politics do one thing and one thing only.
    Serve thy self and keep thy pockets lined with cash. How long before the preacher woman gets caught up in scandal.
    You know this bitch is another in a long line of sleazy kick back politico’s that will say anything for a dollar.

  • Guy Babusek

    I have been giving money both to the DNC and to the Barack Obama campaign. Now I understand that a high ranking DNC member Leah Daughtry is funding anti Gay, Creationist, and Anti Choice agendas within the Democratic party. What is happening to the Democrats? I’m not giving one more cent nor am I willing to support any Democrat until I get a response about this issue. I’m encouraging all of my friends and colleagues to withhold financial support from the DNC and from the Barack Obama campaign until we get a response about this outrage.

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