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Leaked photos reveal the first look at Ikaris, the first gay MCU superhero…and his butt

In superheroic news, leaked photos from the set of the new Marvel film The Eternals reveal the first glimpse of the character Ikaris, allegedly the first out-gay superhero in the MCU.

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Photos posted to social media show actor Richard Madden on set during filming, though sadly not in his hero costume. Said pictures also concentrated on Madden’s posterior, which might qualify as a superpower unto itself.

Born over 20.000 years ago, Ikaris possesses powers of flight, super strength and immortality. He fights alongside the other members of the Eternals team to defend Earth from the Deviants, a group of superpowered humanoids bent on conquering the world.

Marvel CEO Kevin Fiege had assured audiences that The Eternals would feature the first major LGBTQ character, and that the studio had also auditioned a number of LGBTQ actors for the role. Though he has never commented on his sexuality publicly, Madden is known to have had relationships with both men and women.

The Eternals opens in cinemas November 6, 2020.