Leanne Harte Is The Irish Lovechild Of Chely Wright and Miley Cyrus

If you crossed the authentic lesbianism of female musician Chely Wright with the youthfulness of 18-year-old girl kisser Miley Cryus, you might end up with something like Irish rock singer Leanne Harte. She just came out this week and says she knew she was gay at age seven when she started crushing on a girl next door. Harte’s Catholic upbringing made her feel ashamed, so she didn’t come out until she went to college. God, it’s like the whole world makes the gays feel ashamed about themselves! Oh, wait.

Harte’s much more eloquent than the lesbi-ain’t Miley Cyrus, but probably because Harte is 6 years older, isn’t a product of the Disney veal feeding pen and has actually been to college. In her interview she talks about the difference between her first kiss with a guy (“felt so wrong”) and a girl (“awkward but great”), how her stoic dad cried when she came out to him, and how asinine “protecting marriage” from homosexuals is when Donald Trump and Elizabeth Taylor have both married eight times each.

Harte’s slated to play Ireland’s first gay festival, Milk 2010, supposedly “the first outdoor gay music festival anywhere in Europe.” She’ll play alongside Róisín Murphy, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Bananarama, Alexandra Burke, and Samantha Fox — all of which are totally straight, which makes us wonder why Milk 2010 qualifies as a “gay music festival” at all. What do they think this is, Lilith Fair?