Leave It To Gay Catholics To Encourage CNN To Welcome Anti-Gay Lunatics On Air

The Rainbow Sash Movement — one of these obnoxious press release factories that supposedly represents gay Catholics but actually does very little — isn’t happy with GLAAD calling out CNN for welcoming hate leaders and disinformation propagandists on its network to peddle anti-gay bile. But do they have a better solution? Maybe!

“The Rainbow Sash Movement is a national LGBT Catholic Organization who disagrees with the GLAAD view, and will not support its petition,” the group tells Mediaite. “We believe that censorship is inappropriate when dealing with the hate in our society. Only by recognizing it, and making it visible can we begin to deal with it. In our opinion, hiding hate from public view can be very dangerous to life of healthy society. Ignoring hate will only enable it. Putting the media spotlight on it allows for a response from reasonable people. We are opposed any form of censorship, and would encourage CNN to continue inviting who it chooses to address the issues of the day.”

I actually don’t mind this position: let hate speak it’s name. But there’s a big difference between inviting, say, a white supremacist on the network and clearly identifying him as a hate leader, versus inviting FRC’s Peter Sprigg — a noted conspiracy theorist and bigot — on to push the endorsement of discrimination as a valid alternative to “liberal social agendas.”

The only way folks like Sprigg, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and Richard Cohen should appear in the media is with their proper title printed in the chyron: human stain. Bring on the hate leaders! Just identify them as such, and never let an anchor close a segment without noting that all the bullshit her guest just aired is complete bunk, and should be accepted only as evidence of preaching hate.

But as you’ll recall from CNN anchor Kyra Phillips’ on-air non-apology for giving Cohen a platform, the cable news network won’t be amending its policy anytime soon. In that case, can we please start booking more guests who want to bring back slavery?