Leave It to Johnny Weir to Laugh Off Attempts to Butch Up His Sport


We love Johnny Weir not because he is an entertaining figure skater (though he is), nor for his love of Lady Gaga (which we share). We love Johnny Weir because every time the issue of sexuality and figure skating are discussed, he sticks a giant middle finger up at the naysayers.

Says Weir of any effort to make figure skating more butch: “I don’t think any facelift for my sport will change the viewers who are watching. I don’t think turning figure skating into some kind of X-Games event will promote figure skating to the male population of especially North America, but also the world. This kind of talk has been going around for some time, about making the men more masculine and the women more feminine. But it’s not figure skating if you don’t have the freedom to express yourself and make something beautiful. That’s my goal every time I get new music and get new costumes: to tell a story and to put on a show. To butch up figure skating is a ridiculous idea, because there’s no putting me in some two-piece pants suit to skate in. [Laughs.] I love my glitter, I love my prettiness, I love getting my hair done before the events, I love putting on makeup because I’m going to be on TV.”

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