Leave Madonna Alone! Five Other Times Well-Intentioned Gay “Divas” Have Butchered Live Performances


Madonna got a ton of crap this week for her tribute to Prince during Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. The Queen of Pop belted out the late singer’s song “Nothing Compares 2 U” before being joined onstage by Stevie Wonder for a joint rendition of “Purple Rain.” But many Prince fans didn’t appreciate the musical homage. And some were downright offended.

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We’ll be honest and say it wasn’t Madonna’s best performance. But it also wasn’t her worst. And plenty of other singers have had “off” nights during their careers. Nobody can be perfect all the time.

Scroll down for five other times well-intentioned gay “divas” have struggled with hitting those high notes…

Britney Spears

Perhaps what makes this particular performance so tragic isn’t Britney’s actual voice but how hard she is trying.

Mariah Carey

Each December, Mariah Carey puts on a new red dress and snowflake earrings and makes an appearance on national television to sing her perennial hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” In 2014, someone pulled a nasty holiday prank and posted the isolated vocals of her performance during the Rockefeller tree lighting. The result was anything but bright.

Jennifer Lopez

OK, nobody really believes Jenny from the Block has any technical singing ability, but just in case there was any lingering confusion…


This wasn’t so much of a vocal fail as it was a special effects fail. While belting out her song “Halo,” Beyoncé accidentally got her hair caught in a fan. Amazingly, she managed to keep singing. And she barely missed a note. Well done, Bey.

Christina Aguilera

Who can possibly forget the time Christina Aguilera forget the lyrics to the National Anthem whilst screaming the song before millions of people at the 2011 Super Bowl?

BONUS: Katie Holmes

OK, this one is a bonus because she’s not actually a singer… which is precisely why the writers of Dawson’s Creek never should have written that scene where she performs a rendition of “On My Own” from Les Miserables during a beauty pageant. Come on, guys!