Daniel Sharon Says Trips Were For Sex, Not Secrets

Lebanese Detain Gay Israeli “Spy”

There’s a gay spy mystery unfolding in Lebanon. Last Thursday, officials arrested Israeli citizen Daniel Sharon for his alleged role in the shooting death of a Lebanese citizen.

An avid fan of Arab culture and an Islamic convert, the 35-year old Israeli insists he had no role in the Thursday shooting of man named Moussa al-Shalaani. The Lebanese, however, think something’s fishy, especially because Sharon’s popped over eleven times in two years.

The regularity of his trips led authorities to believe he’s a spy. Sharon says otherwise. He claims he dips into Lebanon to dip into the men. One Lebanese source tells Haaretz:

He is denying charges of espionage and insists that he is gay and likes to have sexual relations with Lebanese men and that is why his visits to Lebanon were frequent.

Sharon’s unusual arrest can’t be good for the always tense Lebanese/Israeli relations.

Whether the Israeli government will lend Sharon a hand remains to be seen. Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz’s statement indicates Israeli’s aren’t too eager to see him returned: “Sharon had entered Lebanon on his own accord and in doing so had crossed the line.” That “line” may refer to the government’s ban on international travel to Lebanon, with whom Israel fought last summer’s Second Lebanon War.

Though things may seem grim for Sharon, a Lebanese paper reports that officials are “leaning” toward deporting Sharon. And something tells us they won’t be inviting him back.