Lech Walesa Has A History Of Attacking LGBT Community

Lech_Walesa_-_2009The civilized world was stunned this weekend when Nobel Peace Prize-winning labor activist and former Polish president Lech Walesa told an interviewer that gays shouldn’t serve in the Polish parliament and that the LGBT community should “adjust to smaller things.”

Turns out we shouldn’t have been so stunned. As AksarBent reports, Walesa has a history of homophobic statements:

* In 2005, Walesa called homosexuality “intrinsically evil”

* In 1990,  Walesa allegedly told delegates at a Polish Solidarity convention that he would “eliminate” homosexuals from Polish society if he were elected president. As a result, activists in San Francisco petitioned civic leaders to rename the city’s Lech Walesa Street.

We’ve seen allies emerge from the most unexpected corners—guess it’s only logical that our enemies would TKPoland, staunchly Catholic and historically hostile to political equality for its gay citizens, is evolving. Noted Vera:

…However, much has changed. A watershed moment came in 2011 when a new progressive and anti-clerical party – Palikot’s Movement – entered Parliament for the first time. Taking seats for the party were Anna Grodzka, a transsexual, and Robert Biedron, who is openly gay. These were all historic firsts.