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Lee Daniels, Russell T. Davies and Jen Richards speak: The 2021 Queerty Interview Highlights

John Hoffman of 'Only Murders in the Building'

2021 has run the gamut from awesome to awful. For decades to come, art and entertainment will tell the story of how we all got here, how we survived, and where we're going next.

But don't take it from us. As the year winds down, have a look back at some of the insight and wisdom gifted to us by other LGBTQ artists. For from hardship and triumph comes the same thing: hope.

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Elton John confronted Russell T. Davies over ‘It’s a Sin.’ Now, Davies tell us what he had to say…

On how personal loss fuels artistic depth:

“Hugely. It’s an experience. It deepens you. Like I said, I’m here all day and sit here thinking about it. It’s not a pit you sink into. It also allows me to say “let’s be joyous.” My husband was so funny, I wish he was alive to see this. He was so funny. And he would have taken the piss out of it so much. I was on the network news the other night with my head on a giant screen. And he would have thought that was hilarious. He would have fallen over laughing. He would have never let me forget that time I was a giant head on the network news. So it’s good and bad, but that’s what writing is. It’s all those experiences.”

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