vlogger fight!

LEFFEWS V. DAVEY WAVEY: YouTube Cewebrities Brawl!

Our worlds are COLLIDING. Here we are, publishing this “blogsite” every day, posting things that tickle our fancy (and things that upset our core). Detached from normal social interaction, we rely on the musings of a rotating roster of YouTube stars to keep us creative, entertained, and aroused. Among them: California’s Leffew family, Queerty‘s adopted web family that’s been posting family videos since Prop 8 passed; and Davey Wavey, the web services fella who never has a shirt on and sells ab routine workouts on the side. And now, THEY ARE FEUDING.

We all know how much you guys love Davey. But little did we know the Leffews share your concerns. But Jay Leffew’s beef isn’t about Davey’s nipples, or his voice, or his spirituality rants. It’s about how, instead of posting a video about Maine’s marriage outcome, Davey instead went with his “Ask a Straight Guy” interview, which we posted yesterday.

“I’m ashamed of him,” says Jay after watching the interview clip. “I wanted to hear something about gay rights. I wanted to hear something about Maine.” Not hearing it, he posted the above rant.

We sort of understand. But not fully.

Davey’s “Ask a Straight Guy” video was about gay rights, in his own, sexualized way. No, he didn’t mention Maine in the video, but the Q&A session he had with straight friend Alex dealt with dispelling those ridiculous religious-fueled myths about homosexuality: that we’re gay because a man let us down in life; that letting gays raise kids will turn those kids gay; that heteros sometimes act gayer than we, but are branded masculine.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Jay’s real frustration is aimed at Davey for deleting his comment and then blocking him. HEAVENS! Except: This is the Internet. This is what people do. Childish? Sure. But have you seen some of the comments left on this website? Welcome to the WWW!

Davey’s “Straight Guy Interview” here: