Legendary New York DJ Outed, Encourages Hip-Hop Artists To Come Out In New PSA

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 5.56.13 PMLess than a week after resigning from his position as a DJ at Hot 97, New York City’s most popular hip-hop radio station, DJ Mister Cee has revealed that he is gay in a new PSA for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

In the ad, Mr. Cee  says coming out is “the most difficult thing” he’s ever had to do because “in this hip-hop community of ours, it’s not cool to be gay, it’s not cool to be bisexual.” He also says that with the support from friends, family, and fans, his step forward is the first in kicking off a new sexual revolution in exercising the “human right for sexual freedom.” A bold statement, to say the least.

The legendary New York DJ, who served as an associate executive producer for The Notorious B.I.G.’s debut album in 1994, is also encouraging others in the hip-hop community to come out of the closet. “I’m here to tell you today: you don’t have to lie or hide no more about your sexual freedom,” he said.

According to sources, Mr. Cee quit his post as a Hot 97 DJ after a transgender blogger “released a video of Cee allegedly soliciting him for sexual favors”:

A day later, Hot 97 Program Manager Ebro Darden invited Cee back to the station for a live discussion. During the 30-minute talk, Cee tearfully admitted that he received fellatio from transsexual women and lied about it to protect the station from losing sponsors.

Now, he’s dedicated to help fight HIV and AIDS:

“The stats are real. We know STDs will never disappear. You can be involved with someone sexually and not even know they have an STD. Please make sure you guys out there take care of yourself. We all have a right to a sexual life that is free from shame and disease. Are you good? Are you healthy? Are you free? I can tell you today that I’m free, and I want you to be free.”

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  • yaoming

    “You don’t have to be afraid, but you have to be careful” – good message. Brave man.

  • Wingfield

    I’m sorry but people like him are the most annoying spokesman. His @ss only came out after being caught a second time. Kudos to him for “coming out” but he set a pretty sh!t example.

  • Dixie Rect

    Like this was a big shock. Everyone, I mean everyone knew this. He isn’t courageous either. Had he not been busted, he’d still be lying. F-off Mister Cee.

  • Scribe38

    Was the issues that he was gay, into transsexuals, whatever you want to label it, or that he kept picking up sex workers? The PSA means little to me because he is still doing the behavior (sex workers). I would view him as brave if he came out with before the last time he was caught. I think the guy might have a sex addiction outside of whatever his orientation is.

  • iluvcakes

    This is very brave. I hate to be negative but i think his career is probably over. The people he works with will pretend its ok with them but they will shun him. Ever gone to WorldStarHiphop and read the comments? His audience are on the same level as West Borough Baptist church in terms of homophobia. I’d love to think it won’t affect him but just being realistic

  • Scribe38

    @iluvcakes: I would think any well known dj or t.v. host buying sex on the street multiple times would be through whether picking up men or women. I wouldn’t want an employee that is the face of my station doing that. I will say it was wrong the way he was outed. The pro is a p.o.s. You take money from someone for sex and then destroy them just because you can and maybe for a little fame.

  • Caine

    I applaud the PSA. It’s a shame he decided to do it with that god awful AIDS Healthcare Foundation where the CEO Michael Weinstein makes $330,000 a year from donated dollars. Precious dollars that could do many things other than keeping him rich. So many great AIDS and HIV organizations. Unfortunately AHF is not one of them.

  • Nyruinz

    @iluvcakes: I am sure Mr. Cee’s knows who else is gay in hip-hop, so he may not be blacklisted.

  • xtincta

    He didn’t label himself as gay. Being attracted to trans women doesn’t make you gay.

  • Dxley

    It’s funny because he’s black and fat ha ha ha ha

  • Kieran

    You’re right Mister Cee, we all have a right to be true to our own sexual selves without shame or guilt. Gays have long been a despised minority, but if we unite, stand together and fight the shame, stigma and stereotypes we can tear down the walls of homophobia across this country and change things for the better.

  • cantstopme

    He is a brave guy. Good for him.

  • NoelG

    I’m not entirely familiar with this case, but didn’t he initially fetishize transsexuals by first saying he was only into getting head from them? I’m not going to criticize him for not coming out until he was outed but he didn’t need to throw anyone under the bus to try to cover his ass.

  • GeriHew

    @xtincta: Well, he didn’t label himself bisexual either. And this is Queerty, whose gay agenda often leads them somewhat astray when it comes to correctly identifying the true sexuality of certain queer individuals.

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