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Legendary Out Olympian Greg Louganis Finally Gets His Own Wheaties Box


A petition from passionate fans of Olympian and gay icon Greg Louganis has finally gotten him his own Wheaties box.

After watching the Emmy-nominated HBO documentary Back on Board: Greg Louganis, fan Julie Sondgerath started a change.org petition to get him a Wheaties box. Nearly 45,000 signatures later, General Mills took notice, and The New York Times got all the details:

The image of Louganis, 56, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, will begin appearing on Wheaties boxes next month; the hurdler Edwin Moses and the swimmer Janet Evans, two other previously overlooked Olympic champions, will appear on boxes separately, too. General Mills, the maker of Wheaties, planned to unveil the boxes Tuesday, calling it the legends series.

The boxes will be in stores from May through at least the summer. All three athletes will be paid to let Wheaties use their names and images.

Though Louganis said homophobia probably kept him off the box after the ’84 and ’88 Olympics, he told the Times he’s got a lot of love for General Mills and their support of LGBT people:

“The times have changed so drastically and so fast. This means so much more than it would have back then. Getting it now means people will see me as a whole person — a flawed person who is gay, H.I.V.-positive, with all the other things I’ve been through.”

We’re happy to see a true legend finally getting his due. For more on Greg’s story, Back on Board: Greg Louganis is available on HBO Now. Watch the trailer below.