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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ finally showed John Constantine hooking up with a dude

John Constantine, bisexual, Legends of Tomorrow

If you’re a fan of DC Comics or the CW’s superheroic TV series, then you probably know that the character of occult detective John Constantine is bisexual. But the shows Constantine and Legends of Tomorrow never showed him actually hooking up with a dude. That is, until very recently.

In the most recent episode of Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine gets busy with a dude. Even though the series had Constantine often mentioning his being attracted to men and women, he’d never actually kissed a man on-screen.

Then, in Season 4, Episode 7 (entitled “Forbidden Loves”), viewers learned that Constantine once met and fell in love with a New Orleans resident named Desmond Laveau (son of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau) — they even moved in together. This is especially notable as Constantine regularly hook-ups but almost never gets emotionally involved.

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We get to see them kiss and get undressed. The next morning, Desmond shows up in a towel as Constantine prepares to cook breakfast, implying that the two spent the night getting (ahem) “dirty.”

Here’s a cut of their scenes together.

Sadly, numerous demons hate Constantine because he regularly sends evil spirits back to hell. So a demon named Neron captures Desmond and tortures him for all of eternity, just to torment Constantine.

To save his beloved, Constantine tries to alter the past so that the two men never meet. When that fails, he returns to their past to deliberately break Desmond’s heart by dishonestly telling him that the two only fell in love because Constantine placed a spell on him.

Constantine’s plan works… sort of.  His lie dissolves their emotional connection, saving Desmond from Neron. But his plan also ends up altering time to such a degree that a bunch of other strange things happen. (His fellow team member, for instance, suddenly turns into a cat.)

Previous to this, the only other on-screen male character that Constantine had fooled around with was Gary, an agent from the Time Bureau.

In Season 4’s first episode, Gary admitted having an experience with Constantine that made him think he was no longer a virgin. The two didn’t elaborate, but it strongly suggested that they’d at least hooked up and done something that wasn’t so innocent.

John Constantine
John Constantine in the comics

Even though his character first appeared in the comic book series The Saga of Swamp Thing in June 1984, Constantine didn’t come out as bi until a 1992 comic in which he mentioned having had both ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends.

He become a lead character in the 1988-2013 Hellblazer series (which ran from 1988 to 2013). Since coming out, he has remained openly bi, even into the 2016 relaunch of the Hellblazer series.