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Lesbian Arkansas High Schooler Sarah Lloyd Can Wear a Tuxedo For The Yearbook Photo

Another gender non-conforming high school student, another stupid “controversy” about whether she should be allowed to wear a tuxedo in her high school year book photo. Like Mississippi’s Ceara Sturgis — who was scrubbed from her yearbook completely — lesbian teen Sarah Lloyd didn’t want to wear something frilly in front of the camera. And her Marion High School school board decided that’s all right.

That issues like this must even waste the time of a school board remains appalling, but at least the Crittenden County School Board came to the right decision: students should be able to dress in whatever apparel they choose for their yearbook photos, so long as it’s nothing offensive.

Originally Sarah was told by her principal she couldn’t wear a tux — not because she’s gay, insists Superintendent Don Johnston, but because of tradition, where girls wear drapes and only boys wear tuxes. “If we got away from that what would be next?,” says Johnston, triggering the inevitable ridiculous snowfall effect. “Would we have someone who was a baseball player and say I want to take my picture wearing a uniform? Or someone who says I’m a cowboy. I want to wear a cowboy outfit.” (Retorts Sarah, who regularly wears “boy’s clothes”: “I’m not trying to do anything drastic like wear a Mardi Gras outfit.”) Ah yes, because gender identity is the same thing as joining a sports team.

Except Johnston was the one who apparently changed his mind, telling the school board it should permit Sarah to wear the tux. The school board voted unanimously to let Sarah break the rules. [KSPR]