Lesbian Bar Takes On “Scrooge” Sam

Either Sam Ronson hates lesbians, or there’s a lesbian out there looking to cause trouble.

Stacy “Deejay Stacy” Ledwith, a DJ at staple NYC lesbian bar Ruby Fruit, claims management had approached Lindsay Lohan-loving Ronson and asked her to perform at a charity event. Ronson allegedly agreed, but only if she got $8,000, airfare and hotel accommodations, all of which are standard fair for such an arrangement.

Ledwith claims Ronson agreed, but then pulled out after discovering Fruit’s flaming tendencies. Says Ledwith: “She doesn’t do gay and lesbian bars and clubs. I thought it was kind of strange considering she’s a lesbian. It would have been really great to have her in there and help . . . It’s really like betraying her sisters. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Ronson spokesman Brandon Phelps also says it doesn’t make sense, because it never happened: “It is not true. I can tell you that I am the only one that runs her calendar and was never approached by Rubyfruit.”

We’re inclined to side with Phelps. Not because we’re fans of Ronson – although, yes, we do have a bit of a girl crush – but because the celebrity DJ recently appeared at The Cock, a bar so gay you can smell it.