Lesbian Couple Assaulted And Stabbed For “Having Sex” In McDonald’s Restroom

070714_mcdonaldsWe’re not sure what inspired two 23-year-old women to have sex in a McDonald’s restroom in Philadelphia earlier this week (on a Wednesday afternoon, nonetheless), but in hindsight, they’d probably tell you it wasn’t the best place to get down and dirty.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that managers were tipped off to the indecent encounter by disgruntled patrons claiming to have seen the women enter a single occupancy restroom on the second floor together. Once discovered engaging in “sexual relations,” the two were ordered to leave the store at once by the manager on duty.

During the couple’s walk of shame through the restaurant’s ground floor, a group of customers allegedly led by “a woman in her 40s with two young children” hurled gay slurs at the couple, telling them to “get out of here, you dirty dykes.”

Before leaving the restaurant, one of the women was physically attacked while the other was stabbed in the back of her shoulder. All suspects and patrons scattered the restaurant before police arrived, and thankfully, the woman’s injuries were minor and immediately treated.

Tack this one onto the laundry list of reasons why you probably shouldn’t have sex in a McDonald’s bathroom. Aside from the obvious sanitary issues, you never know when an insane knife-wielding, Big-Mac-lovin’ douchebag with an anti-gay agenda is lurking around the corner.