Lesbian Couple Hold First Same-Sex Wedding At Tokyo Disney


disney tokyo

PHOTO: On Friday, Tokyo Disney was the happiest place on Earth for actress-activist Koyuki Higashi and her partner, Hiroko. Their same-sex wedding was the first of its kind at the theme park.

“My partner Hiroko and I just held a gay wedding at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Even Mickey and Minnie are here to celebrate with us!” Higashi, 28, tweeted.

While Japan doesn’t recognize marriage equality yet, Disney has invited same-sex couples to purchase wedding packages at its resorts—complete with Disney characters, public displays and elaborate set pieces—since 2007.

“This could prompt Japan to question why it so often ignores or discriminates against minorities,” Hiroko, who does not want to reveal her full name because some family members are uncomfortable with her sexuality, told The New York Times. “Mostly we just want people to know that gay people exist for real, and we would like to throw weddings like everyone else.”

Photo: Koyuki Higashi