Lesbian Couple Ousted From Tim Hortons For PDA

The removal of a lesbian couple from a Tim Hortons near London, Ontario, has prompted dozens to plan a protest of the doughnut shop on Thursday.

Riley Duckworth, 25, told the Globe & Mail that she and girlfriend Patricia Pattenden, 23, were outside drinking coffee with a some friends and family members three weeks ago when the assistant manager came out and asked the couple to stop doing what they were doing and leave.

Duckworth says her partner had her hand around her waist, and kissed her on the cheek once or twice but Tim Hortons spokesperson Alexandra Cygal claimed the women’s behavior “went beyond public displays of affection and was making other guests feel uncomfortable.”

“The manager said that our behaviour was inappropriate and that it was a family friendly establishment and it wasn’t acceptable there,” said Duckworth. “We would need to leave within five minutes or the cops would be called.”

We’d love to know what exactly the ladies would be charged with. Public display of lesbianism?

Duckworth said her group decided to leave to avoid a scene but that as they departed, the pastor at a local church—who its believed was the one who complained about the couple to the restaurant staff—held a prayer circle with more than a dozen people in the parking lot to “pray for the couple’s souls.”

Who’s praying for the arteries of the people inside who are stuffing themselves on jelly doughnuts?

Image via Stringparts