Lesbian Couple Touted In “11/11/11” Wedding Promo

Being about as far away from getting married as is humanly possible, we didn’t realize so many couples were deciding to tie the knot on November 11—better known as 11/11/11.  It could be one of those numerology things, or maybe people just figure it’ll be hard for their spouse to forget their anniversary.

In either case, is promoting the November 11 nuptials of several  members—including Amanda and Holly (at right), a lesbian couple from Slidell, Louisiana.

The two met after Amanda left the Armed Forces and signed onto the site in search of a girlfriend. “I had just moved back home from the military and didn’t know many people around,” she explains. “I saw a commercial about that had same-sex options available so I figured it was worth a shot.”

Holly was the one to reach out to Amanda first, though, and the pair had a last-minute first date at Applebee’s. “I paid for our first date, though there wasn’t much eating done,” recalls Amanda. “We did nothing but talk. It was kinda like we couldn’t shut up actually we were so excited to finally meet each other.”

You can get all the gushy “dating success story” page.

We’re gonna go eat a 20-piece bucket of KFC extra-crispy—with extra gravy on top.