Lesbian Couple To Wed In Nearly Every Marriage-Equality State

Kacey Frierson and Chwanda Nixon of Jonesboro, Georgia, want to get married—over and over again.

The couple has launched the website to announce their plan to get married in New Hampshire, Vermont, New York  and at least five other U.S. states that have legalized marriage equality.

But it won’t be a long engagement: They’re hoping to complete the matrimonial tour in just over a week, from April 4 to April 12, 2013.

Talk about a shotgun wedding.

“As a lesbian couple we cannot just go to any courthouse to get married—not even our own local courthouse here in Georgia,” the women posted on the blog. “So we decided to take a cross-county, cross-continent journey of love and commitment to eight out of the ten states that we can legally get married in, plus Canada!”

Nixon, 38, and Frierson, 37, met in 2010 and have seven children between them. (The kids are coming along on the matrimonial march, naturally.) They had a civil union in Illinois on April 7 but say they still want the whole kit and caboodle: “We want the official titles of ‘wife,’ Frierson explains, “not ‘domestic partner’ or any of the other names that are substituted for wife in a same-sex relationship.”

Right now the tentative itinerary includes Stamford, CT (April 5), New York City (April 8), Manchester, NH (April 9), Burlington, VT, (April 9), Montreal (April 10), Boston (April 11) and Washington, DC (April 12). But the women are looking into adding more stops, now that same-sex marriage has come to Maine, Maryland and Washington State.

A week in a car with the family might drive us to divorce, But Frierson and Nixon say it’s worth the discomfort: “Who wants to just be in a relationship or just dating forever?” Frierson asks. “There are some people who don’t mind it—I’m not one of those people.”

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