Lesbian Couple Will Stay Together Because No One Understands Obama’s DOMA Position

So it looks like Sujey and Violeta Pando will get to stay together after Sujey’s scheduled deportation hearing yesterday, but only because immigration Judge Mimi Tsankov said the Defense of Marriage Act’s application in this case is “fluid” and “in a state of flux.” In other words, neither she nor anyone else knows what the hell is going on anymore when it comes to DOMA and immigrations.

Tsankov basically said that because the Attorney General’s questioned DOMA’s applicability in the April deportation case of New Jersey Irishman Paul Wilson Dorman and because Obama promised to deport criminals ahead of gay couples, she’s unsure whether to deport Sujey or not.

Of course, Obama’s treading lightly on this issue to avoid the two-headed election viper of illegal immigrants and gay marriage. But in the meanwhile Sujey and Violeta get to stay together with their million and one housepets.