Governor Speed Bump

Lesbian Daughter of Chris Christie’s Opponent Calls Him “A Giant Roadblock”

Tessa Bitterman has reason to dislike New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. After all, her mom, Barbara Buono, is Christie’s Democratic opponent in his bid for re-election. But Bitterman has another reason to slam Christie: as a lesbian, she slams the governor for opposing marriage equality.

In an email to her mother’s supporters, Bitterman calls Christie “a giant roadblock to New Jersey achieving equality for all.” (And shame on us for reading more into “giant” because of Christie’s girth.) Just to remind us he really is a Republican, Christie vetoed a marriage equality bill last year, saying he didn’t think “121 people in Trenton” (aka democratically elected representatives of the people) should decide  on marriage equality. Instead,  he wants the issue put to the voters. Democrats reject the idea of a ballot measure and have promised to override Christie’s veto, though they lack the votes to do so.

In the meantime, Christie has another opportunity to show just where he stands on LGBT issues. The state assembly has passed a measure that would ban “gay cure” therapy for minors. A state senate committee approved the measure in April, and the full senate is likely to take up the bill later this week. Christie has said he opposed the therapy, but hasn’t indicated whether he will sign the bill if it passes. Apparently, the governor believes words speak louder than actions.

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  • andy_d

    Christie also vetoed a raise in the minimum wage for New Jersey workers.

  • miagoodguy

    And he should have vetoed raising the minimum wage. It is counterproductive.

  • balehead

    This shows real class……not

  • balehead

    The fat jokes are really shallow….

  • 2eo

    I think you misunderstood the word “Roadblock” when you actually meant.

    “Festering soulless land whale with the graces of a pubic louse and the approach-ability of Chernobyl.”

    I sometimes get the two terms mixed up too.

  • MK Ultra

    What’s “classless” and “shallow” is a bought and paid for politician, which is exactly what Christie is.
    I don’t really care that people make fun of him for his weight but he has singled out LGBT people for their orientation.
    He may be putting on his best PR face now because we all know he craves that 2016 nomination like a giant Crispy Cream doughnut.
    But as we should of learned from the Alan Chambers fiasco, PR is just that – PR.

  • trelin

    I really don’t believe Christie actually cares about whether gay marriage is brought to NJ. He’s keeping quiet until he makes his decision to run in 2016. I believe gay married will breeze right into NJ. I believe it’s too progressive of a state. Yes, we have many morons that exist in this state, but we have a pretty great team fighting for equality.

  • alterego1980

    @trelin: Agreed! Equality will come to this state as soon as Christie is gone. We’re just biding our time.
    On a separate note, Christie likes to “act tough” but he is a big hypocrite. He calls himself an independent thinker when it suits him and he falls in step with republicans just enough to suit his 2016 campaign. People think the fat jokes are old, but he made it an issue when he took a bite out of a jelly doughnut on national TV. then he turns around and condemns a doctor for saying he’s setting a bad example; THEN he goes and gets lap-band surgery. I mean, the guy is saturated with hypocrisy! And that’s just one example of many.

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