Lesbian Divorce Births Blind Item

Manhattan Judge Laura Drager made a lesbian’s tear-soaked dreams come true today!

Drager ruled that “Beth R” can sue her longtime labial love, “Donna M” for divorce. The once happy couple were married in Canada on Valentine’s Day (dumb!) back in 2004, but things fell apart once they got back here to America. Donna M wanted the marriage voided, but Drager invoked the recen decision to honor out-of-state gay nuptials.

We don’t know why the women don’t want to be named, but this story’s got “blind item” written all over it:

of Donna M.’s lawyers, Bettina Hinden, noted the ruling also allows Beth R. to seek custody of Donna M.’s two daughters, even though she never legally adopted them.

Drager’s decision describes both women as in their 40s and working in media.

“They met in late 1999 and soon thereafter entered into an intimate relationship,” Drager wrote.

They moved in together, and Donna M. had a baby via artificial insemination in October 2003. They tied the knot in front of family and friends in Toronto on Valentine’s Day in 2004, and Donna M. gave birth to another girl in 2006.

Anybody got a clue?

No word what this judicial development this means for our other upset lesbian duo, Molly Caldwell and heiress Helina Avery. We know this much is true: lesbians do it big – and we’re never marrying one!