Lesbian Duo Detained In Rwanda

There’s some troublesome news coming out of Rwanda, reader. Behind The Mask reports that a lesbianic duo were detained two weeks ago while traveling to a lesbian rights conference, Coalition of African Lesbians. A hearing was scheduled for yesterday, but no word on what transpired.

Coppers nabbed Nyirahabimana Salma and Umutoni Fatoumata at the Kanombe International Airport, where the ladies had hoped to catch a flight to Maputo, Mozambique. Immigration officials claim the girls tried to forge travel documents, but Mozambican gay rights organizations LAMBDA maintains authorities had homophobia motives.

Says Mozambique-based activist Naome Ruzindana:

The immigration officers certainly suspected that the girls were lesbian human rights activists and they seemed to have a clue about the nature of the meeting in Maputo….I was even summoned to report at the Criminal Investigation Department at the airport so that the officers can open the inbox of my personal email account in order to check the communications that I had with CAL and LAMBDA.

We wish we could say we’re surprised, shocked and outraged, but – sadly – we’re not.