Lesbian Embryo Lawsuit Madness!

Lesbian lovers! Lost embryos! Broken promises! This story has it all.

A dykey duo have filed a $3 million lawsuit after New York’s Repro Lab lost the embyros meant for Cathy Berger’s waiting womb. She and her partner, Adriana Pacheco, both donated eggs to the clinic and hoped to start a homo family. Now, however, they’re dreams have gone cold, if you will. The women’s lawyer, Susan Dennehy, blasted the clinic, saying: “Repro Lab should have dealt with the embryos with the greatest of care. It’s a sacred trust.”

It really doesn’t seem that hard to keep track of an embryo or two. You just stick them in the fridge and that’s that. Not surprisingly, Repro Lab refused to comment on their brain’s infertility.