Lesbian Gal Pals Calls It Quits

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It’s rare that a newspaper report on a suicide, let alone a double lesbian suicide, but yesterday’s Marin Independent Journal included news that two elderly “life partners and roommates”, Barbara Francisco, 80, and Pauline Putnam, 89 have offed themselves.

The women lived together in a retirement home and, according to officials, never did anything apart. Including die. Tom Bucci, chief executive officer of the women’s retirement home, remarked: “The two women were life partners…They lived their whole life together. It’s always been a very important part of them to control their destiny.”

A bit sad, yes, but also a bit romantic. Imagine: two old lesbians who grew up in a hateful, no doubt unsatisfactory world, find love, live together and die in one another’s arms. It’s sort of like The Notebook. Only with lesbians…