Lesbian Gets Closer To Bloomberg

Christine Quinn

It won’t be official until tomorrow, but it appears like an out and proud lesbian will be awarded the speaker position in New York’s city council. Christine Quinn could become the second-most powerful city official and get an extra “0” tagged on to the end of her annual salary. There is much love for the dyke coming from everyone, including her former opponents, even though come of them have decided to compare her to different dessert flavors.

“It’s almost like choosing between chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate swirl ice cream,” he said. “In the end, both are equally pleasing to my palate.”

Still another compliments her handshake:

“When I shake her hand, I know that her word is good, and that’s very important,” he said.

We can guarentee you that Quinn’s handshake is so much stronger (and manlier) than his own.

Council Ready to Fill the Job of Speaker [NY Times]

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