Lesbian Gets Lesson In Lending A Helping Hand

We believe in helping out other people and all that, but this story out of Boulder, Colorado, makes us doubt the goodness of men. It seems an unidentified lesbian met a pair of traveling men at a mall, told them they could stay on their couch, and then tried to curb their sexual advances by coming out of that pesky closet. Too bad one of the men isn’t down with the sapphic struggle, because he proceeded to beat the shit out of her.

One of the men attacked the woman after she rejected sexual advances from him and his friend, police said.

The woman was punched and kicked in the face and head, causing serious injuries, according to police. She told officers that her attacker’s friend told him to stop but didn’t intervene to help her.

Eeks! No more talking to strangers for us, which will undoubtedly demolish our sex lives.

In reaction to the beating, Pride Boulder’s announced they’ll hold a rally on Friday to protest violence against gays. That’s nice, although we really wish people knew better than to pummel good samaritans.

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