Lesbian Heiress In ‘Divorce’ Drama

Some lesbian heartbreak be playing out in a Manhattan courtroom.

Opera singer and heiress Halina Avery first met real estate agent Molly Caldwell (pictured, looking sad) during their school days at University of Texas. The couple embarked on a fourteen year relationship that ended in 2006 after Avery Caldwell kissed another girl at a bar.

Now, Caldwell’s suing for spousal support and half of their joint savings – which must be substantial considering Avery’s grandfather founded Avery Dennison office supplies. Avery’s lawyers insist, however, that the ladies weren’t “marriage” and thus Caldwell deserves zilch.


Lawyers for Avery contend their client made provisions for her former partner – and that the two signed what was a prenup of sorts. Caldwell is trying to apply the terms of marriage to the relationship when, legally, they don’t apply, Avery’s camp contends.

“They never entered into, nor intended to enter into, a marriage,” said Yetta Kurland, a lawyer for Avery. “If they had intended to marry, or file as domestic partners in New York City, then they would have done so.”

Instead, Avery wants Caldwell to stick to the terms of their 1995 living-together agreement, which states neither woman would make a claim for support, money or property in case of a breakup.

“Any rights she could have had would have been waived in the agreement,” Kurland said. “She’s asking the court to ignore that living-together agreement.”

Caldwell wants the case handled just like a divorce. A ruling from Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Leland DeGrasse is expected shortly.

“What this is, is a divorce,” Goodman said.

Not so, says Avery’s lawyer.

“This former relationship was significant in time and commitment, but it was not a marriage,” Kurland said.

This shit sounds like The L-Word. Also, who leaves a 14-year relationship over a drunken bar kiss? There must have been something else going on, right?

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