Lesbian Lawmaker Who Voted Against Hawaii Marriage Law Now The Right Wing’s Pin-Up Girl

Jo_JordanHawaii State Rep. Jo Jordan sure angered the LGBT community when she voted against marriage equality. After all, she is a lesbian, so you think she’d be looking out for our interests. But, no. Jordan had a Palin-esque explanation of her opposition that, once you wade through the word salad, revolved around protecting the rights of religious people who hate our guts.

Needless to say, Jo Jordan is now the pin-up girl for the religious right. The Family Research Council is now applauding her for betraying the LGBT community and siding with the homophobes. According to FRC, “the people who were truly hostile, says Jordan, were her own LGBT community.”

Now why is that, we wonder?

Of course, this is a chance for FRC to slam “homosexual activists [who] will harass anyone who isn’t one hundred percent sold out to their radical agenda to remake society. Unfortunately, Jo Jordan found that out the hard way. Hopefully, her story will help dissuade others from trying to appease the extreme Left on marriage.”

So, thanks again go to Jo, for not only voting against marriage equality but for giving the religious right a martyr that perfectly suits its purposes.


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  • 2eo

    Of course she is, she hates herself and is desperately seeking their approval. They’ll “love” using her until she quits and commits suicide because of the guilt.

  • Polaro

    The right wing loves glorifying morons. She’s just another in a long line of republicans that flunked logic.

  • Cam

    She is basically one step away from an “Ex Gay”.

    But she is worse. She wants to act on her own desires, but still attack the rest of the gay communities. At least the Ex Gays in some small way tried to live by what they preached, even if they ended up failing miserably.

  • Taliaferro

    I predict that her personal life will be sheer hell from no on and her new found religious friends will still despise and revile her. Voters can decide her political fate at the next election. Anyone who is so self-loathing faces a grim, and possibly quite short future.

  • Kangol

    She is yet another poor sick sad self-hating gay person.

    She went out of her way to deny other gay people, fellow human beings, basic equality.

    Not surprising the right-wingers have taken her up as one of their faves.

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