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Lesbian Love Affair Turns Deadly, Wacky

Lesbians sure do have a flair for the dramatic! Brooklyn college student Anastasiya Andreyeva allegedly slit her lady lover’s husband’s throat about three week after having a public meltdown. Not only did she completely lose it in front of her peers, but young, married Andreyeva reportedly took teeth to a shrink’s skin:

[While] reading an essay in a class at Fordham University in Manhattan, [Andreyeva] said she no longer wanted her husband and declared her love for one of her female professors, the sources said.

Then she wrote on the blackboard that she was God.

The teacher called 911 and Andreyeva was taken to Roosevelt where, after being initially cooperative, she bit a nurse and had to be tied down to her bed, sources said.

Roosevelt officials didn’t feel the student’s God-complex and oral attacks were anything to worry about. They were wrong.

While her heart apparently pined for her professor, Andreyeva had been canoodling with 25-year old Elina Kats, who was married to a man named Aleksey. Andreyeva didn’t like this one bit, so she [allegedly] slit his throat early last Monday morning. The details remain hazy.

As Gothamist points out, NY Post and NYDN have two different scenarios. Rupert Murdoch’s tab-rag puts Andreyeva alone with the murder Mr. Kats. The Daily News, however, says the bloodshed happened in the kitchen in front of Elina. Regardless of specific scenarios, this shit’s pretty crazy.

Where’s the movie?!