Lesbian Love Triangle: Around The World

It’s been revealed that model Jenny Shimizu had an affair with both Madonna and Angelina Jolie around the same time. Scandal! A roundup of different perspectives on the lesbian love triangle:

From the U.S.:
“Gal pal says Jolie’s happy to explore the bi-ways” [WeLoveCelebs]

Summary: We don’t care what famous people do as long as they keep entertaining us like trained seals.


From the U.K.:
“Jolie’s lesbian ex reveals Madonna affair” [DigitalSpy]

Summary: Even when discussing lesbian love triangles, one can still utilize proper manners.


From India:
“Angelina Jolie’s lesbian lover was Madonna’s sex slave!” [Yahoo! India]

Summary: All famous American women are evil whores.


From Namibia:
“Angelina Jolie to give birth in Namibia” [Namibian]
Summary: Don’t say “lesbian.” They don’t exist in Africa. Shh. We’re just thrilled Angelina Jolie is putting us on the map!

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