Jealous Turns To Murder?

Lesbian Love Triangle Takes U-Turn

Victoria Graham Goode ain’t a good driver. The 55-year old Raleigh woman stands accused of killing her ex-girlfriend’s lover by running her over – twice.

Goode and her girlfriend, Tanya Mattison had recently broken up. Mattison moved on with a girl named Veronica Malone. Mattison and Malone went to Goode’s house this weekend to get Mattison’s belongings. Goode, however, wasn’t having it.

Displeased by the heartbreaking turn of events, Goode sat in her car for an hour – which a neighbor described as “odd” – and then proceeded to charge her car at Malone and run then run her down. She also apparently tried to kill an unnamed teenager and Mattison, too. The News and Observer provides the gory details:

[Police] said Goode, using her vehicle as a weapon, smashed into the driver’s side of a Dodge Durango, knocking Malone to the pavement. Witnesses say Goode then got out of her car, screamed and waved a hammer.

Goode got back into her car and drove to the end of the street, made a U-turn and gunned the car toward Malone and the teen, hitting them both. Sughrue said police caught up to Goode three miles away at 2805 Willow Court, where she was taken into custody.

Both Malone and the teen were taken to WakeMed Raleigh campus for treatment. Malone was pronounced dead at the hospital. The teen’s condition was unknown late Sunday night, but his injuries appeared to be non-life threatening…

Goode doesn’t have a history of violence or a reputation as a bad girl. On the contrary:

Goode is on the staff at Urban Ministries of Wake County, an organization which provides emergency and transitional housing, medical care, financial assistance and other support services for county residents in need. Sam McLean, director of housing for the group, said late Sunday night that employees had just begun hearing about what had happened.

“I’m just somewhat devastated and getting abreast of what happened,” he said. Goode had worked with Urban Ministries for about eight years, he said, but declined to say more about her.

We know love makes you do crazy things, but this shit’s insane. Temporarily insane, perhaps?