Lesbian Loves Her “Wife”

Katherine Bell didn’t grow up wanting to marry a woman. In fact, she didn’t necessarily want to marry at all. Once she came out and found the right lady, however, the Upstate lesbian decided to become an honest woman.

Thus, she and her girlfriend Nancy had a small ceremony in Somersville, New York, where they were the 142nd couple to coalesce into spouses. Married life treated Bell well, but she still didn’t know what the fuck to call Nancy.

Bell writes in Huffington Post:

In private, Nancy and I called each other my wife with amazement. But in public the word still made me uncomfortable. I didn’t know what to call her. Girlfriend sounded insignificant now; partner too businesslike. I’d been out for years, and I’d always felt lucky not to be straight. So why did I suddenly feel self-conscious? Was it just that I associated the word with housework and patriarchy? Or was there a small part of me that wasn’t convinced our marriage was real?

So, what happened to Bell and her babe? Were they bogged down by semantics? What And what, pray tell, does Linda McCartney have to do with it all? We know the answers to all of these, but we think you should be proactive and head on over to check it out yourself.

We also think we’re in love with Bell. Is that queer?