Lawyer Telling It Like It Is

Lesbian Major Taking On Don’t Ask

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell got a judicial probing yesterday in Seattle.

Former military major Margaret Witt and her lawyer are appealing Witt’s dishonorable discharge. Witt had spent eighteen years serving her country and had even garnered two decorations from President Bush when an anonymous tipster blew up her lesbianic spot, thus leading to her aforementioned discharge.

Witt fought the 2004 decision, but lost during the first round of July 2006 hearings. Now Witt’s fighting back hard in Seattle, where her lawyer’s playing the Lawrence v. Texas card. That case, of course, dismantled our nation’s anti-sodomy laws. Witt’s lawyer, however, insists that ruling also applies to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because it makes gay sex a “fundamental right”. DADT violates those rights by enforcing gay silence.

A Justice Department lawyer says otherwise, telling the appeals panel, The court very clearly stops short of…recognizing a fundamental right.”

Witt, who appeared in uniform during yesterday’s hearings, describes DADT as “irrational”. We describe it as “discriminatory,” which violates more than just Lawrence v. Texas, but our constitution.