Lesbian Moms-To-Be’s Heartbreaking Adoption Drama In “I’m Having Their Baby”

Oxygen invited Queerty to write a recap of the latest episode of their adoption reality show, I’m Having Their Baby, which aired last night and featured a lesbian couple. Christina is unprepared to have another child and decides to give the baby up for adoption to her half-sister Shannon and Shannon’s partner Amy. However, Christina and Shannon’s mother Lisa objects to the adoption, making Christina second-guess her decision. Check out a clip from last night’s episode (above) then head on over to Oxygen to read our recap.

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  • leana

    I personally know Shannon ,and I must say that its heartbreaking to see such an undeserving person get to have such a beautiful blessing. Shannon portrays herself as a no momma drama type of person but in actuality she is a thief,liar and a crafty manipulator.She doesn’t want to move back to Arizona because she is a criminal,and people know her true self. Amy u seem like a nice person on the show ,I’m very happy to see Simon has someone else to learn from other then Shannon . Not to sure what she could teach him other then how to stab people in the back and possibly shave a mustache.Gays are more deserving then most straght people when it comes to having children. Way to go to the Gay community for the strides your all making. Just shitty Shannon is someone representing your community. Thanks for reading:)

  • usuck

    @leana: Seriously? I don’t think this is the proper platform to bash someone. Especially when you are a cheater and liar yourself. Jealous much? Take your hate somewhere else and get over it. BTW…how’s that CPS case with your son working out for ya? Thanks for reading:)

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