Lesbian New Voice of the Underground

Mind The Gap

If you’ve ever ridden the amazingly clean and orderly DC metro system, you’ve heard the polite but stern voice urging you to “please stand clear of the doors,” and “doors closing.” Well, the new voice, chosen after winning Metro’s “Doors Closing Contest 2006,” is a lesbian.

Randi Miller, 44, was selected this week by a judging panel as the voice of Metro from a pool of 1,259 entries in the “Doors Closing Voice 2006” contest. Some of the other finalists will record other announcements for Metro stations, but Miller will be the one behind the new on-train messages that will replace “doors closing,” and, “please stand clear of the doors – thank you,” that are so familiar to Washingtonians.

We guess all those visits to the Rug Doctor really do wonders for the voice. Miller wasn’t the only gay to enter the contest either. We hear a few drag queens tried out, but Metro wasn’t comfortable with loudly transmitting over the intercom “Girl, the train leavin’, move your ass out of the damn way.”

The new voice of D.C.’s subway is family
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