Lesbian Parents Invite Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Over For Dinner

After the anti-gay Family Research Council president Tony Perkins announced last week on CNN he has never had dinner with a gay family, Jennifer Chrisler, the Executive Director of the gay rights group Family Equality Council, sent a personal letter to Perkins inviting him over to dinner with her,  her female partner and their twin 10-year-old boys.

According to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin (our new opposite-sex crush), Perkins has agreed: “My wife and I will be glad to respond, when we receive the invitation, to find a time that works.”

Someone set up cameras, please! This sounds like the most nail-biting gay dinner scene since La Cage aux Folles.

CNN’s Baldwin interviewed Jennifer Chrisler, who was surprised Perkins even responded, much less agreed.

Chrisler deserves major kudos for being ballsy enough to invite virulent gay-hater Perkins into her family’s home. What will be discussed? How will Perkins and wife react to the children? Most importantly, will Perkins leave the Chrisler household afterwards, and break down crying on the porch, beseeching God for forgiveness through teary eyes upturned to the glistening moonlight? (Ha!)

Since Perkins says “my wife and I will be glad to respond,” does he plan on bringing his own children to experience the love and joy within a same-sex family? Or will he shield their minds from broadening?

When and if this dinner happens, we hope to get a full report.