Lesbian Parents Invite Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins Over For Dinner

After the anti-gay Family Research Council president Tony Perkins announced last week on CNN he has never had dinner with a gay family, Jennifer Chrisler, the Executive Director of the gay rights group Family Equality Council, sent a personal letter to Perkins inviting him over to dinner with her,  her female partner and their twin 10-year-old boys.

According to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin (our new opposite-sex crush), Perkins has agreed: “My wife and I will be glad to respond, when we receive the invitation, to find a time that works.”

Someone set up cameras, please! This sounds like the most nail-biting gay dinner scene since La Cage aux Folles.

CNN’s Baldwin interviewed Jennifer Chrisler, who was surprised Perkins even responded, much less agreed.

Chrisler deserves major kudos for being ballsy enough to invite virulent gay-hater Perkins into her family’s home. What will be discussed? How will Perkins and wife react to the children? Most importantly, will Perkins leave the Chrisler household afterwards, and break down crying on the porch, beseeching God for forgiveness through teary eyes upturned to the glistening moonlight? (Ha!)

Since Perkins says “my wife and I will be glad to respond,” does he plan on bringing his own children to experience the love and joy within a same-sex family? Or will he shield their minds from broadening?

When and if this dinner happens, we hope to get a full report.

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  • John McLaren

    It’s a lovely gesture and a wonderful outreach but unfortunately I don’t think it will change Perkins’ mind one iota. Besides ideology, we must remember that Family Research Council is a money machine. Homophobia is an industry these days. There is too much $$$ in salaries and perks for these guys to ever give it all up

  • MikeE

    It is a COMPLETELY pointless gesture.

    It comes from the CNN interview where the silly interviewer kept letting Perkins get away with all sorts of bullsh**, but kept insisting he answer whether he had ever had dinner at a gay couple’s home.

  • Jim K

    I’m curious to know what Perkins thinks will happen if he actually DOES have dinner with this family. Does he think he will burst into flames? If so, that could only mean two things…
    1. That he has entered the gates of Hell.
    2. Well, you know! (The truth will set you free, Tony!)
    (Sorry, it was just too good to pass up!)

    I doubt that he will bring his children. It’s quite a leap from Mayberry to the 21st Century!

  • LaTeesha

    As a parent my number one responsibility is to ensure the safety of my children. Why would anyone think it’s wise to allow that man around their children? Be a parent first and an activist second. Want him over for dinner? Fine. But make sure the kiddies are safe by sending them to someone else’s house for the evening.

  • willow

    Actually I think it is important to expose children to different people who do not believe what you do. What better way for this man to see that gay families are no different than straight ones than to let them see how they interact with each other. It would just give this man fuel to make allegations that they had something to hide if they sent the children away for the evening. I am sure it won’t be the first time these children have heard the whole your mom’s are going to hell thing from the news, other kids at school or maybe even complete strangers on the street who saw their mom’s holding hands.

  • LaTeesha

    @willow: It’s one thing to hear it on the news or when you’re out of your home; it’s totally different to invite that hatred and nonsense into your home, a place where children are supposed to feel safe. Be a parent first and an activist second. Inviting this man into one’s home is fine if the kids are some place else and not exposed to his hatred.

  • Crysta Lynn

    @LaTeesha: No offense, but I doubt their boys will really care in the slightest, and if anything, it will give them further ways to defend themselves!

    *Random homophobic comment*
    “Shove it, I’ve had to deal with Tony Perkins, ur nothin compared to him!”

  • Geri

    I know it’s silly but whenever I see or hear anything about this Tony Perkins guy I can’t help thinking about Anthony Perkins, the star of Psycho, who was bisexual. That’s the thing you see, I always think these extreme homophobes have got something to hide…..

  • Richard Ford

    If the lesbian couple invited Tony Perkins and his wife (and children?) over to dinner with THEIR FAMILY, then the children must be there. To send them off packing looks like they have something to hide.
    If they’re not prepared to have their children present, they should never have extended the invitation in the first place.

  • dvlaries

    I don’t know that I hold much hope it would do any good in Perkins case, but I like the idea that even in these times, the “disarm with charm” method can still have some potency.

  • Jonathonz

    Although this is a nice idea on paper and may, perhaps, cause Mr. Perkins to rethink his position a smidge, I doubt very much that it will cause him to support gay marriage. I know, from personal experience, that people with his mindset can be extremely set in their ways and may pay lip service to us but behind closed doors they will be the homophobic vipers they were apparently made to be.

  • B

    I don’t think it will have any effect at all on Tony Perkins’ public statements, unless he hits it off very well with these two Lesbians and they make him a regular dinner guest.

    It’s only one meal. Tony knows where his bread is buttered and his public statements are those that will further his career, regardless of his personal opinion. That’s how all people in comparable positions operate.

  • R.A.

    I remember when Jerry Falwell said he’d stop spreading hate – it lasted a week.
    Perkins, Dobson, Robertson, Graham, etc. – they’re all lying scum.
    They should poison his food.

  • Cam

    I think this is a mistake for two reasons.

    1. Perkins will lie and say that he saw something horrible there.

    2. Perkins is obviously a closeted gay man so I think it would be more jarring and effective for him to see two men rather than two women simply because that might have more of a shot at breaking through his defenses.

    Either way, I think it’s as ridiculous as a black family inviting a leader of the KKK over to their house.

  • 13Zeroither

    @No. 4 LaTeesha I totally agree with you.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’ve discussed, debated and tried to enlighten fundies. Perkins will go to the dinner, say they are “nice” people but will dismiss their lives by saying either or both: a mother & father are the ideal parents and “we will have to agree to disagree.” He won’t change his mind at all. Ok, so now (if he indeed goes through with it) he can say he’s had dinner with a Gay family. Doesn’t change a thing.

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